Toast a Glass or Bottle Beer to National Beer Day in America, April 7th

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Happy National Beer Day April 7th, 2015 in America

On April 7th, men and women everywhere are encouraged to enjoy a pale cool one, a dark warm one, or ale that lands somewhere in between.

Why is beer drinking encouraged more today than any other day?

Today is the United State’s National Beer Day!

The dark times began in 1919, with the 18th Amendment, forbidding the production, transport and sale of alcohol. Mind you, we the people have always found ways of getting our fix when it comes to the drink. There were secret places drinkers hid during Prohibition to indulge in Hoppy grain beverages. Risky? Yes. Worth it? Yes.


Fortunately, those times are over now. April 7th is not just some holiday created by beer bellied boys who wanted an excuse to chug

national beer day

their favored beverage. National Beer Day began in honor of the anniversary of Prohibition’s end in 1933. This was the end of those dark times… and the first day in 13 years the US could legally sell beer.


We owe a great thanks to Roosevelt, who made legal beer consumption possible. He enacted the Cullen-Harrison Act.  This led to the luxury of enjoying beer and wine legally, but allowing other spirits took additional time. Not surprisingly, one of the first beer transports released was to the White House.  The President was thirsty.

This day in April was also a big step in Budweiser’s history. Literally, it was a very big step.  The renowned Budweiser Clydesdales made their national debut on the streets of St. Louis. The massive Equestrians pulled the first beer wagon down a city street with the purpose of public beer sells. They were the first, and still the primary mainstream beer that gained fame marketing with animals. They utilized horses, bullfrogs and Bull Dogs as company mascots.

Friends and fellow beer lovers, today is truly a day to rejoice.

No excuses needed, and no guidelines other then enjoying a fine brew of choice. This is the moment of the “coming of beer”. It is a day we honor a socially altering time in our own history. We lift our glasses and bottles not just to embrace various levels of intoxication, BUT… to join together in celebration of legal beer consumption in America. I raise a toast, to National Beer Day in the United States.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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