How to turn any Attic into a Dude Living Style Man Cave

Man Cave Ideas – Turning an Attic into Dude Living Space


man cave ideas


We have scoured the web once again for the best DIY man cave ideas and were lucky to stumble upon yet another Redditor who goes by the name Olivier-FR. It’s not to often that you get to see a project from start to finish. Most homeowners tend to have that little attic space that goes unsued 95% of the time. We call these spaces the missing bonus rooms. This is the best man cave ideas attic we have come across thus far that makes the best use of little space.


Here is how to turn an attic into a man cave


Here is the ladder that leads to the attic also called “the most unused space in your entire house”. Looks a bit creepy up there.


turn an attic into a man cave


Upstairs it doesn’t look as creepy as we expected, there is definitely some man cave potential here. The beams as they are make it hard to do much so Olivier reconstructed the beams to make more space.


attic man cave

We don’t recommend doing this at home as messing with wood beans can comprise the structural integrity of your home.


diy attic ideas

You can see how the angle of the roof beams have been altered. Something like this requires a professional opinion, most contractors will come out to your house and give you a free estimate. If you don’t have much experience that would be the way to go. This process requires you to keep the support while installing secondary beans to support the weight. We hope that you will not have to go through this much trouble. Best left up to professionals.

After expanding the attic into a decent size square footage, Olivier turned his attrition to the entrance. Climbing up and down the stairs is dangerous especially if you have kids running around the house.


diy man cave ideas


Looks like he found an entrance for his man cave attic. He took out the wall which revealed the hall way entrance to his garage.


turn any attic into living space


Next we have a little problem, We need stairs that lead up into the attic without blocking the sitars that are leading to the garage. Not as problematical as it sounds, this can be solved with a ladder that goes up and down.


diy home project ideas

Next Olivier shows us some nice interior design touches. A door was added and the ladder was covered up. Dude Living approved


best man cave ideas

Let’s head upstairs again again. The attic was covered up and painted. Gray and White add a touch of modern simplicity to this place already.


attic bachelor pad

Here is a look at the sitars from the attic. The paneling looks good, some light has been installed and you can see the outlining for the windows.


man cave ideas 2015

Attics can be a tremendous source for natural light. It is a great place to let the kids play, well suited for studying, reading and they make great man caves.


installing a window into attic

The benefits of natural light when it comes to interior deign can’t be overlooked. Scientists at the Lighting Research Center in Troy, NY found that natural light is associated with increased comfort, increase productivity and provide the necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms, if interested in learning more, you can find the report findings here. Consider man cave lighting when planning things out, it makes a huge difference.


best man cave attic

Things are starting to come together nicely. We have our entrance, natural light, wood paneling is finished. Time to finish the paint and start to bring in some fitting man cave furniture into the room.


attic living space diy ideas

Finally we find out that Olivier has been getting some help, these guys look like the real man cave experts.


furniture diy projects for kids

Having good foresight, Olivier also installed some safety railings to keep the man cave experts safe.


man cave ideas dude living


Here is the final result and we here at Dude Living are proud to call this the best man cave attic of 2015.


man cave attic

This is the cool shelf idea that the man cave experts made. We love the decor choices, classic American signs, man cave decor at it’s finest. We also have a a flat screen in the back that can be tiled towards the bed if needed or for some espn while getting a few reps in.


man cave sofa

Nice interior design choices all around. We love the sofa and how it matches the self, the bed, the writing on it compliments the paintings and the mental signs, big throw pillows are a must.

The bed in the back very inviting and looks perfect for some alone time with a good book. This place is exactly what the type of living space we love to come across. It has good use of space, very functional while still managing to be very comfortable. It’s perfect for a movie with your significant other, safe place for the kids to play and perfect dude living space of your own.

At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about, taking some time to create a space like this creates lasting memories for  you, your kids, friends, and anybody else who spends time here. A big thank you to Olivier-FR for sharing his project, there are some really good man cave and attic diy ideas to draw from.


If you recently went though a man cave redesign, send us your pictures, we would love to feature it on Dude Living.



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