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Bed Side Coffee Maker That Wakes You Up The Right Way


Just about the worst way to start your day is having to turn off your alarm, roll out of bed and somehow have the strength to make it to the kettle for a cup of life-saving coffee. This seems like a normal routine to most but on the days you oversleep by accident, leaving without a cup of coffee is close to committing a crime. Luckily for all you coffee drinkers out there, someone has stepped up to the plate and created your new morning rescuer!


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This amazing invention is called The Barisieur, and it is everything you could ever dream of.

The Barisieur is a coffee maker and an alarm clock in one, meaning that by the time your alarm goes off you already have some freshly brewed coffee right on your bed stand! And don’t expect horrible sirens or beeps from the alarm either, since the alarm is meant to wake you with the smell of coffee and the noise of steel ball bearings rattling when it boils the water.


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The stainless steel ball bearings were used because the creator didn’t want the pad to heat up and instead the balls use induction heating to boil the water.


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If you can’t stomach the thought of black coffee so early in the morning, don’t worry. The Barisieur has a special compartment for milk to make sure it’s cooled and won’t go rotten, as well as a little drawer for sugar. Both can be easily removed for washing as well, making it as easy as one, two, three. Now if that isn’t innovation, then we don’t know what is!

The alarm itself can be set to sound before or after the coffee brewing process, so if you prefer to wake up with a finished cup or watch the machine go to work is completely up to you. The machine also looks very clean and classy, with simple lines and dark colors, and it won’t stick out like a sore thumb every time you enter your room.


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And who is the man we have to thank for this great kindness?

His name is Josh Renouf, and he’s a British creative designer who has always been fascinated with making gadgetry and useful things. On his website he discusses how passionate he is about making things that are interactive, and how he wants to create a relationship between the product and the user.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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