Optical Illusionary 3D Art Puts the Art Back in 3D

Optical Illusionary 3D Art


3d drawing art

Photo Credit – http://www.ramon-bruin.com/art/

We have all seen 3D art in movies and cartoons, such as the renowned children’s film, Frozen.  Decades ago, animated films were actually hand drawn by artists, using pen, ink and paint. Today’s animations are created from 2D/3D art programs, which tend to be a bit expensive for anyone with less than a six figure income.  Ironically, fancy programs are not needed for some talented artists who are putting 3D art back on the paper, like the animation artists of yesteryear, with a few twists.

These amazing three dimensional creations take the viewer to a new level of intrigue by introducing a look into the world of illustrative art that has seemingly gone untouched, or poorly promoted for decades.  With each drawing, we can see things from a perspective that brings the art itself to life. Each stroke of the pen or pencil, each shade, each charcoal smudge, seems to breathe, as if real.


3d life look alike drawing


Photo Credit – http://www.ramon-bruin.com/art/

We just had to appreciate the simplicity of Coming Out, Escape and HoldmePencil. All three focus on an individual character, accompanied only by a small background, if any. HoldmePencil offers only a single figure, arms extended, in which a pencil can rest perfectly. It is as if the man is carrying the pencil, like part of his daily routine.  In the Escape drawing, one sheet offers the stone style crypt in graphite. The second sheet allows the skeleton to reach out with more depth as they look about nervously, giving life in his/her death. Coming Out is a duel papered rendering of a spirited skeleton, which appears to be climbing through a blackened hole, torn through the white void. His/her hands reach into the next sheet to rip their way beyond where our eyes can reach. Each one of these scenes, though not busy, draws the eye and maintains our focus. Why? Because they just look really cool.


3d drawing bird

Feather of a Raven, Gotcha and Come out and Play, all have one common theme as well. We can magically become a part of the art itself. In Feather of a Raven, we can hold the nearest feather as the raven flies away. In Gotcha, we can grasp the lizard by the tail, as if preventing the reptile from fleeing our touch. Come Out and Play gives us the power of lifting the cover away from that which lurks beneath, though we choose to only take a peek instead. Once again, each of those captivating and somewhat interacting art works primarily focuses on the individual creature or being, with very little background imaginary to take away from our attentions.


3d art on paper


Caterpillar, Cleaning Lady is Fucked and Chameleon give us the same boundary breaking 3D drawings, but take us into the realm of color. Caterpillar once again allows us to seemingly interact with the unique millipede like creature. A simple pose of the fingers makes it appear as if we are lifting it out of the colorful box, as it tries to scurry away. The Chameleon will also give the illusion of being a pet, as it will rest its front foot on any extended digit. While still using bright colors, the artist takes a bit more of a dark turn with Cleaning Lady is Fucked. The humble housekeeper appears to have walked down a clean white rug to open the drapes, only to be glared at by a massive eye. Though her back is to us, we can almost hear the sharp intake of breath that must have followed the opening of those crimson drapes.


3d wall art


This thought provoking 3D artwork starts to get a little busier with Bookshelf Rats, Capoeira Fighters and I AmAnda, while making these visual illusions a bit more playful. Bookshelf Rats is almost Disneyish in nature, with one rat dangling while another appears to be intently watching. I AmAnda give us the impression we are looking at a school girl’s notebook and papers. The picture is filled with bright stickers and giddy, girly energy, along with some homework scribbles. The focal point, however, is those two big blue eyes staring back at us, as the notebook is peeled apart by two shaded hands. The marionettes seem to be quarreling in Capoeira Fighters, as two appear in mid fight. The scenery is almost like a skeletal puppet graveyard, as the current fighters are surrounded by the scattered bones and fragments of those who came before them.


3d elephant art


Welcome to Africa combines color with charcoal shading for a beautiful mixture that creates the optical illusion of being gifted with a rose, via a charming elephant. Surrounded by a shaded wooden frame, the one who never forgets appears to stick his trunk through the window.

3d art with propsProps are added to some of the artwork, providing an even more unique optical illusion. Real headphones are used on the charcoal sketch of Headphone Harry, who looks a bit pressured, as one artist drew him with a comical face. Daddy has a New Pair of Sunglasses looks to be the artist’s take on a hipster father as he gazes at himself in his new shades. However, he is staring into a camera that has been placed on the paper. The colorful drawing of Beezzz uses a teal fly swatter strategically placed over as somewhat “damaged” bee.  The injured bee’s friend seems oblivious as it flies in the same direction, closer to its possible demise.

The use of multiple sheets of paper or sketch pads is a common look with 3D art, and The Clash, which uses at least 6, is a fine example. Three fierce dragons swirl about in a charcoal backing. It is as if they burst to and from the ether in color, but the remainder of their form continues to blend. While Sailing Through The Thoughs Of My Imagination, which uses 3, is another fine example. This artist’s imagination is sailing on a pirate ship, fully detailed with charcoal shading. Each plank of wood, decorative window and wrinkle on a sail, appears as if we’re looking at a 3D black and white photograph. Even the trail of water flowing from behind the ship looks real enough to make one say, Yarr!

These are just a few of the amazing optical illusion 3D drawings that a few very creative artists are doing, just for fun. We could spend hours gazing at some of these breath taking images, actually having one would make a definite conversation piece. 3D art puts the art back into 3D.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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