Urban Armor Gear Phone Case Review

urban armor phone case review

Best Phone Case of 2017 – Urban Armor Gear Review

Usually, you find phone cases to be either with a form or with functionality. Urban Armor Gear case does both. It is one of the few phone cases that actually protects your phone from anything more than a scratch.

Urban Armor Gear phone case has its unique industrial styling, with bolts on the back for a manly design.

The case cover has two holes so the color of the phone remains visible. These holes have a grip functionality so that your index finger naturally lands there in portrait mode and in landscape mode both of your middle fingers easily add to the grip when they are placed.

These cases come in six colors for you to choose from:
cool phone case colors

  • Maverick (clear)
  • Aero (navy),
  • Navigator (white)
  • Outland (orange)
  • Scout (black)
  • Valkyrie (pink)

Phone Case Quality


Being an rugged protective phone case, it is quite light in weight. Materials are very durable plastic and rubber. Harder outer case with softer inside protects from all kinds of impact. It will easily protect your phone even when falling from space, see blow if you don’t believe me.


It has reinforced corners which are the key element in protecting the screen from cracking during an impact. The buttons however are truly amazing on this case. They are quite big and more functional than on any other phone case, feeling so light and responsive to pressing.

What impresses the most are the headphone jack and charger connector openings. Rather than leaving huge openings like other phone cases, Urban Armor Gear case has thinner cover parts closely sealing off the case so that dust cant reach inside. The camera opening is quite big as well to prevent flash from the camera causing any glare.

This phone case comes with a decent screen protector as well, but its exactly wide as the screen so it needs to be precisely placed. Raised edges of this phone case additionally protect the screen as well as they protect the camera on the back, removing that wobbly effect when your phone is laying on its back.

Custom Fit Phone Case Design


best phone case


Urban Armor Gear phone case is built to fit your phone precisely to its size. There is little room for stretching. However, if you simply stretch one corner you can easily snap your phone inside. The phone won’t slip out of the case in any circumstances. This will make taking the phone out of the case a little bit of a challenge, but it can be done in a similar way as you put it in.

As mentioned before, the case is quite light, practical and functional in every single way. The ports are easily accessible, you won’t have any problems plugging in the headphones and lightening cable.

There is also a case for iPad Air and iPad Air 2 with all the same characteristics but bigger. Same materials and quality build with the same principals in building the case to protect your iPad.

Urban Armor Gear Phone Case Price

The Urban Armor Gear phone case costs $34.95 for an iPhone and $49.95 for an iPad Air or iPad Air 2 from their website. Although, you can save up to $5 for an iPhone case or up to $15 for an iPad case if you choose to get it on Amazon.

We love the light weight design and the amazing protective capabilities. The case has excellent protection all around is made out of durable materials, with quality buttons and openings. The color choices are very good as well.

The Urban Armor Gear phone case for iPhone and iPad is most likely one of the top choices you can make.


urban armor gear review


Hardly any phone case compares to it in terms of protection. There is simply little to no reason not to get one. Even if you prefer the looks of your phone and don’t want to put a case on it, you will be glad you had UAG’s case to save you from a bill of repair, because this case does the job like no other. It’s most certainly worth the money.

Head over to https://urbanarmorgear.com/ and get a phone case you can rely on. 

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