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If you own a dress shirt, you must agree it is a versatile fashion garment. Maybe you have one or more of these in your wardrobe. Dress shirts can be worn in both formal and informal settings because of their easy to pair with just about anything from khakis, linen to simply jeans.

On the other hand, if you are not into dress shirts because of the long sleeves it is understandable where you are coming from; the rolled up sleeves can slip back and get in the way of your activities.

The long sleeves should no longer be an excuse to buying dress shirts with the innovation of FLXCUF, spelled (Flex cuff) dress shirt accessory.


FLXCUF is an elastic dress shirt accessory that has a button on one end, and a buttonhole on the other. It is 2.75” long and can stretch to another length of 2” that is if you have thicker wrists. This shirt accessory allows you to roll up your sleeves below, at or above the elbow and keep them intact. ALL DAY LONG NO ADJUSTMENT NEEDED. There are various ways to roll up your sleeves naturally out there without the FLXCUF. However, these methods leave your shirt wrinkled.


There are various ways to roll up your sleeves naturally out there without the FLXCUF. However, these methods leave your shirt wrinkled.

rolling up shirt sleeve pain

ain’t nobody got time for that 🙂

The sleeves also keep falling back such that you have to fix them all the time. If you were in a busy place, you would spend more time adjusting the sleeves than completing your tasks. Furthermore, sleeves rolled up naturally tend to get dirty easily due to the frequency of rolling them up.

If you do not know how to roll your dress shirt sleeves naturally, you may end up looking shabby. Unless the ragged style is what you want to maintain, it is best to use the FLXCUF dress shirt accessory. Besides, it will save you the time you use to get dressed.

This accessory allows you also to show off its brand name, which is an “X” when you attach it to your shirt’s cuffs and roll up the sleeves once or twice. Nevertheless, if you choose to hide this trademark, you can always roll up the sleeve three or more times, depending on where you want to fasten your sleeves.

The beauty of this accessory is that it will keep the sleeves where you want them all day or night long without falling back. You will also have no effect of rigidity around your arms.


cufs that hold slveeves in place


Sometimes you may have a problem with the length of your sleeves when you are wearing a jacket. When the sleeves length needs to be adjusted to that of the jacket, FLXCUF should fix this malfunction and be hidden under your jacket. Nobody will have to know your sleeves length is not right for your jacket. You certainly have many colors of shirts.

The FLXCUF brand manufacturer is well aware of this fact. You can, therefore, find various colors to choose from for your elastic dress shirt accessories. If you are a color enthusiast and wish to match your shirt’s color with the FLXCUF, you also have this liberty without compromising on your personal style.



Your FLXCUF dress shirt accessory can be ordered online. Do try to fit first things when delivered to your doorstep. If it does not fit, you have up to 90 days to send it back to the manufacturer to get a bigger fit. This accessory works best for any dress shirts with button cuffs, for the French kinds, you may have to stick to the cufflinks of your choice.


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It is now easy to roll up your sleeves without having them fall back again, thanks to the unique FLXCUF dress shirt accessory. Therefore, you have no more excuses not to get that dress shirt you have always wanted and actually wear it to the office, construction site, and farm or even on a date.

You can choose to let your colleagues notice the accessory or not, that depending on how far up you roll the sleeves. The elastic material of FLXCUF shirt accessory should allow you to wash it anytime you please and reuse it repeatedly.

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If you invest on accessory colors that go with your shirt wardrobe, you need not go back to the shop to get others, unless of course, you need to get someone a unique durable gift. Get yours at flxcuf.com

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