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Best Knife Sharpeners On the Market Today


Since cavemen first started sharpening stones, knives have been a part of masculine culture. Whether you’re at home in the kitchen or the woods, knives are a part of your life. And it is important that your knives stay sharp.


There is a lot of truth in the old saying that a sharp knife is safer than a dull one. Sharp knives are simply more effective, more reliable, and far safer than dull ones. Besides, there is something pleasurable about sharpening knives. The repeated activity, the sound of steel on stone, and the finished result all make owning a sharpening stone truly worthwhile. If you don’t yet own a knife sharpener, this list will give you a good idea of where to start.


Tormek Precision Sharpening System


tormek precisions sharpening system

TormeK Sharpening System | Amazon $671.77


The first stone on our list is an electric sharpening wheel that is reminiscent of the sharpening wheel of old. This machine does almost all the work for you with its spinning stone. While it is designed for sharpening woodworking tools and appliances, an additional sharpening jig will quickly transform this wheel into a knife sharpening system. Its easily adjustable setup allows you to sharpen your blade at whatever angle you need. Meanwhile, its water cooling system constantly cools the stone and the blade, allowing you to continue sharpening without the machine ever needing a break. Even though this device is rather expensive, its durability and ability to take on heavy duty projects make it a worthwhile purchase.


Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpener


eversharp electric knife sharpener

Presto EverSharp | Amazon $23.40


While the Tormek Sharpening System is capable of sharpening virtually anything if you have the right jig, it isn’t designed for sharpening kitchen knives. This knife sharpener is. The Eversharp is a high quality kitchen knife sharpener, designed to sharpen your kitchen knives quickly and efficiently. Not only is this sharpener efficient, but it will probably make your knives sharper than when you bought them. This is because most companies prefer to sell knives that stay sharp longer, rather than knives that are as sharp as the can be. Though you can’t adjust the angle settings on the Eversharp, it is designed to make your kitchen knives as sharp as they can be. If you have a lot of kitchen knives that need sharpening, then this is the knife sharpener for you.


Smith’s 2-Stone Sharpening Kit


smith stone sharpening kit

Stone Sharpening Kit | Amazon $13.95


Now we get into more traditional stones. This kit comes with two stones, a rough one and a fine one, so that you can both sharpen your knives and give them that sharpened finish. If you’ve never sharpened a blade with a whetstone before, this kit is right for you because it comes with an angle guide to teach basic angle holding. The hardest part of working with a whetstone is maintaining the correct angle throughout the sharpening process, so if you are new to sharpening you will want this feature. Finally, the kit comes with a holder for your stones and a premium honing solution to keep your stone clean and protected.


Pocket Sharpener


pocket sharpener

Pocket Sharpener | Amazon $7.75

This is a great sharpener for the on-the-go individual. The pocket sharpener has both ceramic and carbide sharpeners which allows you to sharpen dull knives and put a finished edge on already sharp knives. Its preset angles guarantee a truly sharpened knife each time and its diamond coated rod allows you to sharpen serrated edges. If you are a hunter, fisherman, backpacker, or camper, this is a great tool to keep your knives sharp at all times.


Diamond Coarse Sharpener


coarse sharpener

Diamond Sharp Corse Stone | Amazon $53.37


There are many advantages to using a diamond coated sharpening stone as opposed to a regular whetstone. The diamond sharpener will sharpen your blades more quickly than a regular stone and it won’t require oil of any sort. You can use it dry or wet it before sharpening. They are also highly durable and will provide years of use. Beyond that, there isn’t much difference between this stone and a regular whetstone. A diamond coarse sharpener will cost more, but many people find the diamond coated surface to be worth the price.


Winco Medium Stone


medium stone sharpener


Winco Medium Sharpening Stone | Amazon $10.98

The previous items on this list all presented interesting options for sharpening your knives. This stone gets back to basics. If you already know how to sharpen a blade and don’t need any of the fancy amenities, this is the right stone for you. The Winco stone is made with carbonized silicon and comes with two surfaces, a medium and a fine grain. These characteristics will allow you to easily sharpen almost any knife you have, and you will have the satisfaction of getting to do every step of the process yourself. We recommend this whetstone to anyone with a love of knife sharpening by hand. With over 180 5-star reviews on Amazon and a relatively cheap price, it shouldn’t disappoint.


So what do you think? Which knife sharpener are you going to buy? Let us know in the comments below!


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