Somebody Invented a “Toaster Knife” and it Actually Works!

bread toasting knife


This is the gadget that you never knew you needed. An inventor by the name of Colin Furze, who has his own Youtube channel, has crafted a knife that toasts bread as you slice it. No longer will you need to wait on a toaster! The knife does it all for you. You simply turn it on, cut your bread, and you’re on your way to a quick breakfast.

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The inspiration for this invention came from a lightsaber-like knife that toasted bread in 2005’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and while the movie was controversially received to say the least, many viewers found this futuristic cutlery very impressive.



While Furze’s knife isn’t as compact or handy, or even pretty, as the one in the movie, it still gets the job done.


It toaster knifewas crafted by connecting a microwave transformer to a serrated blade, thus making the knife itself the heating element. The build ends up looking like something Jason Voorhees would carry in his kitchen, but you can’t argue with the results. In his demonstration video, Furze slices through a loaf of bread, successfully toasting each side, albeit with the edges a little crusty.



toasting knifeThe striking part about this is that Furze also designed his knife to do other things. As soon as he slices the bread, he lays a slab of butter on it, and using the blade, spreads and melts it simultaneously with an ever-satisfying sizzle. Despite having many different functionalities (imagine how you could toast a waffle!), having a “toaster knife” as a household appliance is still far in the future yet, but it’s no doubt that Furze has created an incredible piece of technology that could one day eliminate the need for a toaster.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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