The Snow Side Of The Empire

star wars snow statues

Star Wars Snow Statues


Forget painting or sculpting, the next time that there’s a snow day just grab your light-saber and head outside – snow art is taking the Empire by storm!

When it’s not covering your sidewalk or burying your car, snow is the perfect material for any fan to show their dedication in the medium of ice and snow (sorry, wrong fandom). This decorating event would be even better with your own army of storm troopers, which keeps it on the dark side of the family where it belongs! Here is some inspiration for those cold days when you just want to crawl up in a Tauntaun blanket.


Mount Troop More


star-wars-snow-sculpture-sapporo-festival-japan-24-605x605 2

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Made by the Japanese Army and using 3 and a half tons of snow and way too much effort, this snow sculpture was made using bulldozers to make a 23 meter wide and 15 meter tall monument to the Imperial forces. Now that is loyalty to the Imperial forces!


AT-AT Baby Walker



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If you don’t have the Japanese Army and bulldozers to help you out, then you can always make a baby walker for your little storm trooper to simultaneously teach them about the wonders of snow sculpting and Star Wars.


Snow Vader



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Wreaking havoc with the galaxy is tough, but so is keeping up that lovely cold-day skin glow. The only way to keep your skin fresh and chilled is to cover your helmet with snow. Instant refrigeration, instant regeneration!


Jabba  The Snow Hut



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Everyone has that one neighbor they would love to annoy. Whether their dogs bark all hours of the night, or whether they have loud rave parties at weekends, a hideous Jabba the Hut sculpture in your yard could be the perfect way to ruin your neighbors morning.


Tauntaun Away!


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When your car has been frozen into a solid piece, and the driveway is packed tight with white, then taking a snow Tauntaun might be the only way to make it out of the house on a snow day!


Storm Patrol



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Making a whole bunch of ice sculptures is super easy if they’re all clones! These storm trooper snow sculptures are even more detailed with the use of leaves and mud in the surroundings, kicking snow art up a notch.


Beacon of Light


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Fabu-Vader for the win! These two snow sculptures show the best of the light and dark side, and has an adorable R2D2 as a companion to a very sassy Darth Vader. Extra props can really bring the sculptures to life, and that light-saber is the perfect accessory.


Some Android Love


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But R2D2 deserves more than just being in sassy Darth Vader’s shadow! Such a lovable and quirky character carried most of the franchise (just being honest), and he also lead to the cutest thing in existence, little BB-8! 


Snow Sculpture I am!


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On any Star Wars list, you can guarantee that Yoda will be making an appearance! This snow sculpture is not only super detailed, but it’s almost like a peaceful memento to the small green Jedi master we’ve all come to love.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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