The Samsung “See-Through” Truck

Samsung creates Trucks that you can see through


samsung see through truck


Source: Samsung

Anybody who has driven on a two-lane road knows the struggle of getting stuck behind a semi, wanting to pass it, but never knowing if it’s safe to. Aware of this, Samsung has developed a solution after all these years: a see-through truck.

see through truck


This new “safety truck” has a camera stationed on its grill, while four large screens that sit on the back of the truck, display the captured image. This allows anybody behind the truck to see what the driver sees, thus being able to determine whether it’s safe to pass it or not.


Samsung has tested a prototype in the streets of Argentina, where vehicular accidents are the highest in the world, and where two-lane roads are more frequent. Unfortunately, the company has deemed the prototype “no longer operational,” but has further stated that the idea works and can save many peoples’ lives. Many more tests and approvals will have to be conducted before this technology can be legalized on the road, but Samsung is already hard at work with safe-driving NGOs and the Argentinian government to accomplish it.

While it may take Argentina by storm, it is unlikely that it will arrive in the US, due to our gravitation towards self-driving cars.



Many have also determined the technology to be a distraction, keeping people’s eyes on a screen instead of on the road.


Samsung See Through Truck Video




Despite this, Samsung is still hard at work on their see-through truck.


What do you think?

Is this new form of tech something that should be used? Or should Samsung move on to other things?

Author: Eric Pangburn

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