Best Men’s Watches For Under $500 – 2016 Edition



Top Men’s Watches Under $500


Smart and other cool watches may be the norm nowadays, but there will always be a place for the classic, traditional wristwatch. Even as technology marches relentlessly on, bringing with it new and wonderful inventions, the humble wristwatch continues to impose a commanding presence in fashion, culture, and utility. Perhaps its very simplicity contributes toward an enduring appeal that makes considering any other timekeeping accessory out of the question. Maybe it’s because wristwatches hearken back to a much simpler and more elegant time when accessories were crafted to perfection and simply worked.


Regardless of the reason, watches continue to enjoy widespread popularity, with some of the most recognizable names in the watch making industry joined by a number of promising new entrants. Now is as good a time as any to invest in a new watch, and the sheer range and quality of affordable options is almost staggering.


How much should a good wristwatch cost?


We decided on $500 as a reasonable price ceiling for a quality watch that you could expect to enjoy for many years. We shied away from the below $100 offerings obviously, but we didn’t quite go into high-end luxury watches either. Instead, we tracked down ten of the most attractive watches in the “$100-to-$500” range. We found a great many watches in this range–and this is especially true for those in this roundup–offer great value and more than satisfactory quality. If you are looking to dump that plastic mall special you currently wear on your wrist and are ready to move up to a man’s watch, this selection should give you a good idea of what’s out there.


Best Men’s Watches for $100 to $200


  1. Timex Quartz Flyback


best watch under 200


Timex Quartz Flyback | Amazon: $157.17


First up is the Timex Quartz Flyback, which is a significant departure from the hi-tech digital sports watches the company has become known for over the past several years. Priced at about $165, the Flyback features microprocessor-controlled bi-retrograde quartz function that ensures the precise and accurate movement of the main dial and the sub-dials. The company’s now-familiar Indiglo backlight is an included feature, and you get a stylish black case and elegant brown leather strap for the price besides.


  1. Swatch Windfall


quality watch under 200


Swatch Windfall Line | Amazon $147.54


Swatch is best known for cheap-and-cheerful watches that ooze fun appeal, but its timepieces aren’t exactly suitable for more formal settings and occasions. The introduction of the new Windfall line changed all that however, with models that depart singly from the company’s more…colorful offerigns. Still affordably priced, these new models are several steps up in terms of style and elegance. They are slightly similar in appearance to the legendary Omega Speedmaster, and they feature a 39mm diameter face, chronometer sub-dials, and precision Swiss quartz workings. The Windfall is priced at $147.54.


  1. Men’s SKW6078


top mens watch for under 200


Men’s SKW6078 | Amazon: $165


The Skagen Men’s SKW6078 sells at $205 in most places, but we just had to squeeze it into the “$100 to $200” price range because of its exceptional value and undeniable style appeal. Slimmer and more streamlined than most other models in this roundup, the watch features a 10mm chronograph case and lightweight titanium mesh bracelet that is remarkably comfortable to wear. With quartz movement and chrono sub-dials, the Men’s SKW6078 is everything you could want in a modern timepiece.


Best Men’s Watches – Price range: $200 – $400


  1. Seiko SSC013


best mens watches under 300


Seiko SSC013 | Amazon $179.28 


Seiko has produced a number of impressive models over the years, and this one does its share of carrying on the company’s legacy of excellence. Providing superb value, the chrono model features a multi-layered dial equipped with a flight tachymeter that is just as functional as it is attractive. The SSC013 is solar quartz powered, doing away with the need for batteries. For the price–$380 online–you also get a stylish stainless steel case and an elegant leather band.


  1. Tanto X Cambiare


best watches under 300

Tanto X Cambiare | Amazon $240


A far cry from the bulky, heavy, multi-featured wristwatches of late, the Tanto X Cambiare is decidedly minimalist in form and function. It features the revolutionary Physical Vaporization Deposition (PVD) that ensures thorough ruggedness and durability. The elegant black and red dial is absolutely breathtaking in its simplicity, and the Japanese automatic movement, crystal dial window, and black leather strap further add to a superb deal for $250.00.


  1. Seiko Solar Drive SSC017


best watches for 300


Seiko Solar Drive SSC017 | Amazon: $188.99


Seiko has an excellent offering in this category as well, with the Seiko Solar Drive SSC017. A decidedly manly and rugged model, this one features solar quartz operation that makes it ready for virtually any adventure you could think of. The uni-directional bezel, sub-dials, and 200 meter depth rating make it an even better value at $395.00.


  1. Braun Classic Chronograph


best watches for under 400


Braun Classic Chronograph | Amazon: $165.84


Braun is one of the most respected names in the watch market, and it’s easy to see why. This model offers precision German craftsmanship and meticulous design touches that stand apart from most other timepieces in this price range. With a white-face classic chronograph face, stylish yellow stopwatch hand, and unique square hooded lugs, the Braun Classic Chronograph is a great buy for $350.00.

Best Men’s Watches For Price Range: $400 – $500


  1. Lum-Tec M56


quality mens watch for under 500


Lum-Tec M56 | Amazon $535


You’ll have to be quick to catch one of the Lum-Tec M-56 Quartz beauties. Only 200 of these limited edition timepieces were produced, and the remarkable combination of features and design touches will likely move them fast. Stylish leather and a light-up dial makes for a pretty impressive look, and the lifetime supply of battery replacement services offered by the company is a definite bonus. The Lum-Tec M-56 Quartz is priced at $535.


  1. Hamilton Sub Quartz


best watch under 500


Accurist  | Amazon $499


Accurist is another brand that should be familiar to those “in-the-know” about watches. Headquartered in West Hamstead, London a British brand with watches now produced in the classic tradition, Accurist offers the Accurist as part of their Greenwich Commemorative Collection. Oozing with manly appeal and equipped with a choreographers precision dial with GMT window, the Sub Quartz is every bit a man’s watch. The $499 price tag gets you a  sunburst dial and a classic browtn leather strap as well.


  1. Tissot Tradition Rose Gold


luxury watch under 500


Tissot | Amazon $320.45


Our top slot goes to the Tissot Tradition Rose Gold, and we have to say that it really was no contest. Featuring rose gold adornments on a stylishly curved solid stainless steel casing, the Tissot’s durable PVD coating, classy arrow markers, single numeral “12”, and fully-functioning chronograph makes it a great investment at $495.00.



Author: Eric Pangburn

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