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The Soul Leather Handmade Embossed, Refillable Travel Notebook comes highly recommended, but to see if it was worth its price, we decided to give it a thorough review.

Upon first unwrapping the leather journal, we were blown away by the great looks of the travel notebook. Unlike cheaper knock-offs, this journal is obviously handmade, and what we loved most was the fact that the leather wasn’t overly finished, which left it looking like a rustic old gem. With that being said, this is a notebook which will probably last you for decades since we reckon it’ll only look better as it ages.

The Soul Leather Journal comes with replaceable Kraft pages, which is three mini diaries, included in the deal. That means that you’ll get a whopping 240 pages as two-part refills, which are all super easy to replace once your journal fills up.

Included in the journal s a pen holder which was made by hand and we have to say, we loved this unique feature. It also comes with a string wrap closure, which is soft, yet sturdy enough to keep everything intact inside of the journal.

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Soul Leather Journal Specs:

  • Size 6 x 9 inches
  • Total Weight 4 ounces
  • Color Chocolate Brown
  • Material Leather
  • Pages Included? Yes, replaceable Kraft pages
  • Paper Size 5 x 8 inches
  • Pen Holder Included? Yes
  • Closure Leather String
  • Cover Contoured

Our Review of the Soul Leather Journal

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  1. Quality – We feel like the Soul Leather Journal deserves a solid 8 out of 10 points for its great quality and durability.
  2. Features – With the Soul Leather Journal’s made-by-hand riveted old world pen holder and the soft yet sturdy leather string closure, we scored the journal 7 out of 10 for its features.
  3. Usability – Since the Soul Leather Journal is easy to use and carry around on a daily basis, we feel like it’s a very useful item to have. It also goes above and beyond delivering it’s intended purpose, which is why we scored it 8 out of 10 here.
  4. Charm – Not only do the style components of the Soul Leather Journal make it a delight for the eyes, but they also help paint an overall picture of fascination and attractiveness. The journal scored 9 out of 10 for overall charm.
  5. Value for Money – Normally retailing at around $25, we found the Soul Leather Journal to be seriously great value for its price since it’s durable and very functional.

How We Reviewed the Soul Leather Journal

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1. First Impressions

This has to be our favorite part of reviewing journals, putting down in words how we first felt when we unwrapped the leather journal. We also took into consideration how a friend or family member might have felt had they received this journal as a gift.

2. One-Week Later

For the sake of properly reviewing the Soul Leather Journal, we kept it on us at all times, for one full week. It went everywhere with us. To the café, to the office, to the gym. We thoroughly tried and tested this journal to see whether or not it stood up to claims made by the manufacturer.

3. Verdict

After using the journal for an entire week, we elaborated on just how much we enjoyed using the product. We also noted areas of possible improvement, as well which kind of buyer this leather journal would be best suited for.

The Soul Journal – Dude Living Approved

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We’re impressed. Soul Leather has done an excellent job at manufacturing a great-looking, durable, and very useful journal, of, and we should mention that it comes at a very reasonable price as well! Our review of this product should indicate our overall level of satisfaction with this product, but for the sake of praising the name, we have to say that we reckon this might be one of the best journals in its class.

The fact that this journal was designed by French designer, Eloise Parent, means that it has, even more, value than one might consider at first sight. This limited edition journal was created by the designer’s experiences while traveling the world, and only a limited number of these journals were produced at the onset on 2017.

We suppose at the end of the day, it all comes down to whether or not this journal’s style will suit your personal needs, style, and of course, preference. We’d recommend this journal to any avid traveler at the drop of a hat. If you already have one, why not purchase another one just for the sake of it?

We can almost guarantee that the Soul Leather Journal will make the perfect gift for any family member or friend on any occasion! Grab yours over at

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