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Socks That Fit Like a Second Layer of Skin

Socks… We slide them on with little thought to how they are created. That is, until we find that perfect pair. The socks that are so soft, just feeling them gives us comfort. A pair of socks that we put on, and they feel like a second skin, as if they are a part of us. A skin that is never itchy, never scratchy and feels perfect each and every time we put it on. That is the perfect sock for men…

Back in the days of old, socks were knitted by hand, putting love and work into each and every one. In the 1600s, the love of the hand knitted sock evolved into a machine. Investors, recognizing the importance of socks, invented hosiery knitting machines. Ironically, these were not really recognized until the 1800s, thanks to the availability of inexpensive cotton.


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Today manufacturing companies have a variety of circular knitting machines, allowing them to spin out endless quantities of socks. On the plus side, this process makes socks affordable to people. of any income. On the down side, the mass manufactured socks are cheaply made, which allows them to be affordable to people of any income. Mind you, this is

referencing those sock bundles readily purchasable at any local department store, in one neat package, sized 6 to 12. Though easily accessible and affordable, these are not high quality socks. Instead, they are made to last about 25% as long as high quality socks, prior to getting a hole in the toe, heel, or a tear as the cuff.

Better Dress Socks – Designed in NYC, Made in Italy

Socks today are actually created using close to the same manufacturing technology they were 2 decades ago, minus the serious decline in quality and product. Higher quality and designer socks, such as Baluga and Smartwool, are made using more expensive and better quality materials, which allows them to last longer than the average department store sock. There is more time spent in the manufacturing process when creating high quality socks, and some skilled sock designers take the creative process to even higher levels.

The designers of high quality socks, Hand and Terry, took the craftsmanship and art of sock stitching to new heights. The standard manufacturing trend was reversed, thanks to decades in the manufacturing and design sock industry. This allowed them to provide an inside look at what it takes to create the perfect sock, and this is the perfect sock.


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When it comes to dress socks, Hand and Terry are the place to go. This sock makes the foot feel good. It is spun with 75% combed cotton, 15% nylon and 5% spandex, creating a unique feel, fitting our feet as if they are simply another layer of skin. The uniquely designed cuff holds the sock securely in place, without being too tight. Instead of the standard size heel, this sock design offers a full size, 90 degree heel, which allows a perfect fit to the natural contours of the foot.


perfect pair of socks


These comfortable socks were designed in NYC, but they are actually manufactured in Italy. They are fortunately machine washable in cold, but must be dried flat. The Hand and Terry designer socks come in three styles and three colors black/red, navy/blue, brown/orange in solid, stripes, and dots.

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