Shelf Ideas For The Modern Man Cave

shelf ideas for modern man cave

Modern Man Cave Shelf Ideas


Shelves are essential components of any living space, and they can be just as useful in a condominium as they would be in a townhome. Ideally suited for storing books and magazines, shelves can also be used to display curios, figurines, and any other interesting or collectible items.

Shelves serve a number of important functions. They can help you use space more efficiently and keep your things more organized. Shelving systems should therefore be designed and constructed in a way that addresses these specific functions. That being said, there are ways to address this need without having to be restricted to the most basic (and boring) shelf designs. With a little imagination and creativity–and a bit of elbow grease–you could come up with some unique and interesting variations on traditional shelf designs. Here are some cool ideas to try out for spectacular shelves!


Simple modern wall mounted shelves 

 wall mounted shelf for man cave


If you want to keep things simple, these Wall Mount Shelves are the perfect solution. It’s not a bad deal, $31.89 for two of these Stylish, versatile, and minimalist, these shelves are great choices for a crisp and contemporary look.


Hollow-Core High Modern Bookcase


modern shelf for guys room


With a deceptively simple-looking design, you might mistake this High Modern Bookcase shelving system for a typical modern bookcase. Upon closer scrutiny however, you will see that this is actually a remarkably versatile set of shelves that can be used for more than just books. Ideally suited for knickknacks and figurines that you never can seem to find a place for, these shelves are great additions to any living space. We couldn’t believe that this big thing is only $202.74.


Circular shelves


circular shelves

For adding a welcome touch of whimsy, these Circular Shelf Set are hard to beat! About as far as you can get from traditional shelf design, these visually impressive shelves provide a lot of functionality in a unique form factor. They are also extremely versatile, being equally suitable for dining rooms as for bedrooms.


Rustic wall-mounted shelves

 modern shelf

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There are many options for traditional shelves, but few offer the stylish appeal of these quaint and charming wall-mounted shelves. Made out of a number different materials and designed for an industrial look, these shelves could be just the thing for your mancave or office.


Sleek wall shelves


simple modern wall shelf idea

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Combining solid functionality and sleek stylishness, these shelves are modernistic yet elegant at the same time. Richly detailed with a classy and sophisticated feel, these shelves can be used for anything from your CD collection to figurines and art objects.


Ultra contemporary wall shelves


unique shelf ideas


Another shelving system that combines form and functionality, this ultra contemporary set features a stunning geometric form. With its clean and elegant lines, these shelves would fit right in with any modern home design. Nevertheless, it retains enough of a stylish touch that makes it well suited to a masculine living space as well. Could also be a pretty cool DIY project to undertake.


Level shelves


amazing diy shelf


An innovative and visually striking set, this shelving system has a decidedly minimalist look that will fit in with most modern apartment or condo designs. Drawing from principles of hydraulic engineering, these shelves are a great combo of geek-tech and sophisticated style.


Cool wall-mounted shelves


amazing shelf ideas for bedroom


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If you want to impart your own personal touch into your living space, these wall-mounted shelves may be just what you are looking for. Suitable for holding books as well as small curious, these shelves offer a great way to break up the monotony of a large, featureless wall.


The Bump Shelf


design art shelf


The uniquely designed Bump Shelf is a marvel of modern ingenuity and innovation. It features a wooden surface that flows over the hardware underneath, producing the characteristic bump from which the name is derived. The Bump combines the best of fine craftsmanship and innovative design, and it even comes in a smaller version called the Baby Bump.


A Few Of My Favourite Things shelving unit


corner shelf


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Another shelving system inspired by geometric design, the endearingly named A Few Of My Favourite Things is a creation of The Fundamental Shop. With a striking form reminiscent of the classic Q*Bert video game, this shelving unit offers a unique touch to any modern décor. Crafted from untreated Douglas For, the shelf is expected to crack and split with years of use, but this only adds to its individualistic charm and appeal.


Belt shelf


leather belt shelf


Here’s a unique shelf idea! Take some shelf board of any kind of material you like and affix them onto the wall with leather belts! There are commercially available versions of this shelf you could buy, but going DIY will save you some money and allow you to custom design the shelf according to your needs. It will take some maneuvering in order to get the shelf broad level, but the results will be worth it!


Modern wall shelving


modern wall shelf ideas


If a splash of color is what you want, this modern shelving system will not disappoint. Stylish, hip, and very contemporary, this shelf is the perfect cure for DBR (Drab Bedroom Syndrome). It also offers plenty of extra space to store smaller items, making it amazingly versatile and functional.


Pipe shelves


bar shelf ideas


With an industrial look and a modular design, pipe shelves make for a great point of interest in your living space. All you need for this project is a bit of pine wood and the necessary pipes, elbows, and connectors for your design. The great thing about this striking shelf system is that you can modify the design how you fit, making longer or shorter shelves as needed, and even shelves with multiple levels if you wish.


Contemporary wall shelves


modular wall shelf


Is it art or is it a shelf? This fabulously stylish piece is a bit of both, and you will definitely appreciate the cool and modern touch that it brings to any living space. For your dorm or your bachelor pad, this might be the final touch you need to bring together all the elements of your interior’s design.


Invisible shelf


invisible shelf


As the name implies, invisible shelves make it look as if your books are floating along the wall in mid-air! Slick, simple, and definitely a conversation starter, these shelves can be a great compromise between having and not having a shelf. The invisible book shelf is available from Amazon here: Conceal Floating Bookshelf


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