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Scruff Rescue Men’s Grooming Essentials Products

  • Why is it essential to use the appropriate beard shaving gel?
  • Which products are of high-quality, and how do they protect your face skin?

Most people shave their beard almost every day; therefore, the need for you to use the appropriate product is essential to good looks, because your face is soft and sensitive that needs daily care.

Benefits of using Scruff Rescue products I’ve experienced:

  1. The products help hydrate your skin and moisturize the beard; therefore, making it softer and smoother to shave.
  2. The gel creates a thin layer of protection between the skin and the razor which reduces the friction; consequently, reducing the risks of rashes, irritation, and redness.
  3. Additionally, the cosmetics are useful for soothing and refreshing your skin after shaving.

Several Scruff Rescue products worth using daily

I’ve been using Scruff Rescue products for about 3 weeks now and the results are amazing.

Scruff Rescue SuperSlick Shave Gel Review

The SuperSlick Gel is naturally made to provide a protective hydration cushion between the blade and your face, hence preventing effects, such as nicks and razor burns. The product is beneficial over traditional shave products as it does not make your skin dry while shaving. The ingredients contained in the gel are safe for the health of your skin, and they include, purified water, horsetail, lavender, cypress, grapefruits, benzoin, coco glucoside, vegetable, and guar.

A SuperSlick Shave Gel has an unrivaled botanical sooth and pamper, which makes your face skin softer. Besides, the product can multi-task; for instance, it can be used as a moisturizer and as a beard shampoo. Its source is from naturally occurring plants; therefore, it does not have harmful chemicals or ingredients, such as sulfate, and it is also free from animal testing. Moreover, the gel can be used to shave the beard and other hairy places, such as the arms, armpits, and legs.

The route of usage is straightforward, and you first wet your face with warm water, or you can use a warm shower. Then, apply a dime-size quantity of the Gel and rub it on your hand to form a lather, and apply it evenly on your face. Always use a sharp razor to realize a close shave, and rinse the blade regularly for proper maintenance. After a shave, rinse yourself thoroughly and apply a Face Scrub.

Scruff Rescue Beard Oil-Signature-Love Your Beard Review

The Beard Oil-Signature-Love is an excellent product for shaving as it nourishes, softens, and conditions the beards, mustaches and the underlying skin. The product contains whisker-softening phytonutrients; made from pure plants, and it is free from silicone chemicals. This Scruff Rescue relieves the skin from itchy scruffy side effects after shaving, and it also maintains a perfect mustache, goatee, soul patch, and full beard.

The ingredients used in the manufacture of the product are 100% botanic and are certified by the health authorities, including the and the Leaping Bunny Company, as safe and secure for its purpose. Additionally, the oil is free of petrochemicals, parabens, and other chemicals which causes dangerous effects on the skin. Moreover, the Scruff Rescue Beard Oil is a GMO-free, lanolin-free, and cruelty-free. Some of the ingredients in the Beard Oil Signature include jojoba, lavender, calendula, tea tree, grape, and lemon.

When applying the product, the quantity to use will depend on the length and the texture of your beard. Naturally, you can administer the Bear Oil on a slightly damp or towel-dry facial hair, and it should be for external use only.

Scuff Rescue Ultimate Face Elixir Review

An Ultimate Face Elixir is an excellent oil-free and an effectively hydrating face-serum that contains organic products for toning and hyaluronic acid for ultimate moisturizing. Naturally, the product combats the aging physical appearance; therefore, assisting you to achieve a tight and a youthful face. Also, the Elixir helps your face to look revitalized and refined, and it can be used once or twice in a day. The product is unique, and it contains certified organic ingredients which are silicon-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and lanolin-free.

The method of usage is easy, and you should first shake the product in the bottle thoroughly before use, to enhance an even emulsion. Use the Face Elixir before applying the moisturizer, after a perfect shave or use it to refresh the face at any time in the day.

The ingredients in the product include aloe vera, grapefruit, dandelion, white oak, and white willow.

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