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phone holsterPhone Shoulder Holster – The Double Phone Holster


Just when you thought that they had come up with every phone accessory there is, comes the slightly-wacky-but-undeniably-useful Phonster. Manufactured by the noted Ukrainian leather goods firm AGE, the Phonster presents an innovative solution to the now-familiar concern of how to carry around your cellphone. With its quality build and unique design, the Phonster may be just what you need to ensure that your phone is handy whenever you need it.

shoulder phone holster

The Phonster fills the niche for a stylish and slightly oddball cellphone carrying solution. Designed like your typical holster, the Phonster is meant to carry your smartphone rather than a gun. Ruggedly built and meticulously handcrafted from the finest leather, this surprisingly accessory is just as attractive as it is stylish. You can wear it under your coat if you wish, but the Phonster looks impressive enough to be worn over your shirt sans coat.


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It provides easy access to your phone by way of a convenient pull-tab, and there are even two additional compartments for carrying other items.

At the cost of a $99 pledge, the Phonster isn’t exactly the most cost-effective smartphone carrying solution on the market. Nevertheless, its quality construction and novel approach makes it worth considering over most other cellphone carrying cases. Take a look at their double phone holster HERE

Author: Eric Pangburn

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