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Digital storage is important. When buying an iPhone, you will want to consider the color and size of the iPhone. Most importantly, you will want to consider the storage capacity.

People spend a lot of money on iPhones with large storage capacity. This is because the iPhone will take pictures, download apps, and take videos. These functions take up large storage capacity that can end very fast.

But, there is a solution available. This solution is for those willing to maximize the storage potential of their iPhone. The Olala iPhone memory stick is the solution. The use of the stick is self-explanatory upon seeing it. To use it, plug the flash drive into your device and save data on the memory stick instead of the iPhone.iphone flash drive

The features of Olala iPhone storage are:

  • It is available in models of 64GB and 32GB
  • It has USB 3.0 and lightning connectors
  • Weighs 20 grams approximately
  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • It has Touch ID security function
  • It is compatible with Touch ID iPad and iPhone models

How does data transfer work?

Data does not just move to Olala memory stick on plugging it to an iPhone. You have to use the flash drive via a free app known as iDisk Me. The use of this app allows transfer of data from IPhone’s storage into the memory stick. You can use the app to take videos and photos. Then choose to store the files on the memory stick.

Photos and videos are the most memory consuming files on the iPhone. The Olala memory stick rids you of your storage burden by enabling storage of all media in its memory. But it does not store apps. So, once you have freed the iPhone’s storage you can store the apps comfortably on your phone. Now you won’t have to worry about staffing your iPhone with apps. You won’t have to worry about memory anymore. With plenty of space and only apps running on your memory, your phone will be faster. Plenty of space means your iPhone or iPad will not be slow when executing tasks and opening apps.

Is this memory effective? How effective is it?

With the extra storage that you get, the memory stick is definitely effective. Data also quickly transfers from the phone to the stick and vice versa. The speed of data transfer is also quick from the memory stick to the computer and vice versa. Between the memory stick and your iPhone, data is written at about 10 MB/s and read at about 30 MB/s. Between the memory stick and a computer, data is written at about 30 MB/s and read at about 100 MB/s.

The Olala memory stick encrypts your data.

olala iphone flash drive review

Data stored on your iPad or iPhone is safe and secured by your password and touch ID. You need not worry about someone breaking into your iPhone. Then gaining access to your photos and videos. The Olala memory stick is secure and convenient. You might be shopping for an iPad or iPhone storage.

You may be unsure about spending the amount of money that the memory stick is worth. But, if you are using an iPhone you will want to have a memory stick. This is because the camera takes quality photos and videos that will consume a lot of your iPhone’s memory.

The use of iPhone storage entails that you buy 96 GB of extra memory for $100.

Thus, $40 is a very fair cost to incur for 64 GB of extra storage. The price may seem high especially since the iPhone is already pricey. But the memory stick will give you value for your money.

The Olala memory stick is compatible with all iOS gadgets.

iphone flash storage

It is fully compatible with the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4, the iPad 3, the iPad 2, the iPod Touch 4, and the iPod Nano 6. It is also compatible with any iOS device from an earlier version that any of the listed.

There might be cases of compatibility. But this is not due to the software. It is because the devices are not Lightning compatible. Lightning is the connector used by the Olala memory stick. You now don’t have to delete photos to save up on memory. Save you memories and moments on the memory stick.

Do not allow storage to make you delete your moments. Shop for the Olala memory stick and live an easier life.

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