Manly Passion Projects – 7 Incredible Man Cave Ideas

incredible man cave ideas

Incredible Man Caves Part 1 – Manly Passion Projects


A closer look at some of the more elaborate man caves we have come across. Most men will settle with a comfy recliner and a TV but those who take the time to turn their dude living space into a manly passion project end up building some extraordinarily man caves.


Car Man Cave – 1967 Chevy Themed Man Cave


Picture your favorite car. See the leather interior, the top of the range gadgets and the ultimate engine all adding up to the vehicle that dreams are made of. Now picture all of that luxury transported right into your own home, personalized to be part of your own man cave. Sound a bit farfetched? Not anymore, as this YouTube video proves. The set in this video made by the guys over at Classic Car Room, has caused many a man to drool over the possibilities.



But just like in commercials, that’s not all we have for you. The trend of making personalized and high tech man caves has taken the world by storm recently, and thanks to the internet we are allowed a sneak peek into some of the world’s fanciest, and comfiest, man caves. Take this private movie room as the first example.


Movie Theater Man Cave


man cave movie room


Set up with low man cave lighting to set the movie-goer mood, this private screening theater is a man cave of legends. Filled with plushy leather armchairs, surround sound and the perfect screen, this is the ultimate man cave for a movie buff and his friends. Even better, the kitchenette attached to it ensures the most vital snacks can be prepared without having to miss a second of the action, since the counters still have perfect view of the screen. Popcorn, anyone?

However, not all man caves are made purely for relaxing. Some are made for work- and this next man cave is the classiest example.


Garage Man Cave


man cave garage


Fixed up in an old two-car garage, this man cave is the perfect for the working man. Made to be the ideal space for some welding, metal work, carpentry and car servicing, this old garage has turned over a new leaf to be the handy man’s favourite space. This workspace is so detailed, the lights are even set up not to obstruct the closing garage door. This man cave garage will make any pet project world-class!

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So what about play?


Ultimate Outdoor Man Cave


indoor climbing man cave


This guy’s man cave is the ultimate outdoor experience… Indoors. Since he lives in Iowa where the seasons’ temperatures fluctuate too much to practice his hobby of rock climbing. So instead of waiting another season to be able to climb, he built a 12 foot high climbing wall in the back of his garage where he can practice all year long.

There are even man caves for those who like to spectate more than participate.


Football Man Cave


football themed man cave


This football-themed man cave is the best place to watch the Super Bowl with your mates. Imagine the pre and post-game party in this place! Decorated with everything football, this man cave has memorabilia, a huge flat screen and a few smaller ones to watch multiple games, and pool and a bar to keep you busy during the commercial breaks. What more could a fan want?

Maybe a sci-fi inspired wonderland.


Star Trek Man Cave


star treck voyager man cave


This might look like a photograph of the Star Trek set, but never judge a book by its cover. This is in fact the man cave apartment of a sci-fi super fan who modeled his entire apartment after the USS Voyager from the 1979 Star Trek film. He has since updated it to more modern versions of the series, but always with the same level of awesome. Instead of a one room man cave, this is a full apartment filled with a voice-activated computer system and a working flight desk.

Finally, no man cave is complete without the perfect place to have a beer at the end of the day.


Man Cave Bar


keg bar stool man cave


This man cave is the quintessential place to relax after a long day at work. It has a TV, plushy couches and a bar! The room is made to look like a rustic wood cabin, so the materials are kept simple. Who would ever even think of using kegs as parts for bar stools? You can just see a group of mates having a cigar and a brandy in here, or even a beer while watching a big game.
These man caves are the serious of serious when it comes to hobbies and relaxation. These rooms are really what dreams are made of!

Author: Eric Pangburn

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