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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guides!


Christmas is the season of love, kindness to all and giving, right?

Well for some people it can also be a nightmare. What to get men as presents can be especially difficult, and put a damper on anyone’s Santa-spirit. And God-forbid that you get something that they’ll hate, or have to go back and return behind your back after awkward-pretending about how great it is for the rest of Christmas lunch. To be a great gift-giver, you need love, patience and just a bit of help from some of the Internets top bloggers, brands and people on what the man in your life will love!


eric beardbrandOne of the guys over at Bearbrand, Eric Bandholz, has had his eye on a brand new backpack in washed grey from the brand QWSTION.

Not only is it a versatile piece (matches with literally anything), it has enough space for a 17-inch laptop and a whole bunch of other documents or files you need for work.It also has a nifty side handle that could change it from a backpack to a really cool briefcase or laptop bag with the move of your hand!

Also on Eric’s wish list?

A matching roller travel bag also from QWSTION.

Considered to be the perfect 3 day travel bag, this is perfect for weekend trips to the beach or even business trips for meetings. Great for the serious business guy or even gal in your life, Eric has the right taste for your business-oriented friends!



mens fashion advice from antonio


Antonio Centeno from over at is taking it back to basics this Christmas by wanting nothing other than some more time to travel around with his wife and kids. But he’s not one to disappoint, so he’s given us several of his favorite products for this list!

Antonio is a man of elegance, and his top favorite product for this chilly time is this super classy green Bickham Herringbone Sport Coat from which will make any man look like the polished and sophisticated guy he is. To match with the coat, Antonio suggests the Bronson Weekender Roan leather duffle bag in the color Cedar from BlueClawCo which he describes as a work of art.

To finish off his incredibly stylish outfit, Antonio suggests the super comfortable Poitier Double Monk Strap shoes in Oxblood from Paul Evans. Apparently they’re great for travel, and are super comfy on those long airplane trips.




distilled menOver at The Distilled Man, Kyle Ingham is obviously planning an awesome outdoor party or get-together with his list for old Saint Nick.

On his list he’s included the brand new Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker which is big enough to make an entire turkey and ham at the same time for that brilliant smokehouse flavor we all know and love.

And what better accompaniment to a smoked meat dinner than a quick drink?

That’s why Kyle was smart enough to include the Finn Bar Cart from One Kings Lane made of iron and mirrored glass in a smooth and fancy gold, just to make dinner complete!



mantelligenceKyle Boureston from Mantelligence has his own three personal wants for Christmas, and he is on the ball about what he wants!

First off, he is interested in the ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker which, honestly, looks like something out of the new Star Wars movie. The floating part helps enhance the sound and keep it from coming out muffled and static-y like normal speakers do. Plus you can take the orb with you as a portable Bluetooth speaker and be the talk of wherever you go. Pretty cool!

Next on Kyle’s list are these awesome Clark’s Bushacre 2 Dessert Boots made just for walking. The classic style is timeless, meaning it will work with nearly anything and they come in a variety of colours for every mood you might have. They’re also incredibly durable, with a single pair lasting up to 3 years before having to be replaced- they even have a warranty!

And finally, just for those sunny and lazy afternoons, he has the Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) DoubleNest Hammock, which is compact and super easy to set up anywhere at any time. It’s also spacious enough for more than one person, so cuddling is a definite selling point. It looks like Kyle is ready to head anywhere with his Christmas list!

Music, boots and a hammock to share with someone is all he needs for a merry Christmas season.



Sean from Manly Stuff has his own rugged Christmas wish: a travel shave set that comes with a fancy shaving brush, a safety razor and a matching leather toiletry bag that has enough space for a toothbrush or one or two other toiletries you need on a trip. The safety razor also comes with a small pouch that the razor perfectly fits into, making sure you won’t scuff or graze the inside or your toiletry bag.




About-TylerTyler Lloyd from The Manly Green shared that his favorite must have Christmas item is the Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase. I’ve owned mine for seven months now, and if I had a dollar for every complement I’ve received about this bag, I could have purchased another one. I take this bag to work, use it when running errands around town, and it also serves as an excellent piece of carry-on luggage. This bag is extremely rugged. Saddleback briefcases are heavier than other bags, but thats because its made of full-grain leather that will last a lifetime. I’m all about high-quality, timeless goods. If I owned a cheaper bag, I’d have to replace in 5 to 10 years, over and over again. During my lifetime, that would add up to a lot of money wasted and cheaper bags being thrown in the dump. That’s not what I’m about. If you want to learn more about me and living a manlier and more eco-friendly lifestyle, check me out at The Manly Happy holidays!



recycle art founder interview dudelivingTwo guys behind RecyclArt, Quentin and Dimitri, only want some peace and quiet for Christmas. And by peace and quiet, they mean these Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling headphones to make sure they get it. Perfectly compatible with Android and Samsung devices, these headphones will redefine how you experience the quiet, or lack of it, around you.A version of the headphones is also available for all you Apple fans out there, and they are lightweight enough to wear all day without getting that weird ear pain from wearing them too long.  

And they are also wanting this Christmas to saving the forest by receiving a brand new Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas. The newest version has a 6 inch high-resolution display, a built-in light (no more pulling out that annoying light-thingy) and Wi-Fi capabilities is perfect for the avid reader wanting to save on paper and space (a house can only house so many bookshelves!).




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