The Man Cave – The Relationship Saver!

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How a Man cave can save Relationships

Nowadays pretty much everyone knows what a man cave is, or you may even have one, but what you may not know is that a man cave can really help save your relationships. You may not need to see a relationship coach, you may only need to carve out a little space for a man cave. It can be the one single thing that saves, or strengthens, your romantic and social relationships.

The man cave can help strengthen your relationships with your buddies, your girl and your kids, by helping make you an all around better man!

Let’s face it, we all need our space. And most of the house belongs to the woman (and the kids) and that can create some real friction, and even depression in some guys. Now, you love your girl (and your kids) and most of the time you want to be with her, but you need to get away from her (and the kids) for alittle while, so that you don’t lose your mind! You need your guy time! But, she doesn’t want you to go out! So what are you suppose to do?! ARGGHHHH!!!

why you need a man cave …

man need their alone time


Me Time

The man cave offers you your own personal space to do with as you wish; with no rules, time by yourself to let your guard down and time away from your girl (and kids); this lets you decompress from the real world, so you won’t bring that stress into your romantic and family relationships.


bro time



Your buddies can share in this awesome space that you have created and you can blow off steam with them watching sports, gaming, playing the music you like, and working on projects that interest you. And that’s all very important! All of that can raise your spirits, your energy levels and even your testosterone levels, and of course, that can be beneficial to you And your girl!


girl time, give them space



For her, she doesn’t have to worry about where you are and if you’re safe. You will be right there in the house, if she needs you in an emergency. And the real Big selling point for her, is that if you’re in the man cave, you wouldn’t be Underfoot! For her, that may be the best gift you can give her. She can have some much needed girl time all to herself!


family time



The man cave doesn’t just have to be a relationship saver with your girl (and kids) by keeping them Out…

If you dare, you can invite them Into your man cave, from time to time. You can bring your girl in and have a movie date night or you can have a family fun night with your kids and let them come in and watch a movie or play video games. Just let them know that this is a special time, and that they are not to go into your man cave unless they are invited.

This weekly or monthly event can be something that you all look forward to and you can grow closer as a family with this small gesture. Plus, you can become the favorite dad in the neighborhood!

Who knew!? With just a little area of the house, the man cave has the potential to work miracles to strengthen your romantic and social relationships. So, if for some reason your girl is reluctant to let you have your own man cave, tell her it’s great for your mental, emotional and physical well being and it could just be the secret of a long and successful relationship!



Author: Eric Pangburn

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