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Unique Man Cave Design Ideas  


Dudes don’t get a lot of excuses to decorate their man cave. Clothes are plain, girlfriends choose bedspreads and honestly we’d rather die than spend hours between eggshell and ivory anyway. But one place is sacred, and only the hands of true men may be set upon it: the man cave.

The man cave is the only area that womanly decorative soaps, smelling candles and ornaments have no place, and where men can be men survived by the corpses of trees. The only thing manlier than the previous sentence would be to DIY your man cave supplies! Here are seven man cave DIY’s that will put some hair on your chest.


Turn Your Skateboard Into a Lamp


scateboard lamp


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Remember back when you were hell bent on being the next Tony Hawk?

And then you got older, the boards got packed away and you forgot all about them. Well, this Redditor has just found the best old skateboard hack ever! Instead of dumping that cool skateboard in the back of your shoe cupboard, make it the center point of the room by setting it up as a light fixture. Not only is this the perfect way to cap off a man cave, but it’s also the ideal way to re-use that old skateboard. If lights are your thing, take a look at some other man cave light ideas we wrote about previously. . 


Make It Yours with Some DIY Firniture


drink shelf


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Fixing up a man cave on a budget can be tough. Putting up wooden shelving is an extra heavy (mind the pun) cost, and also takes a lot of time and precision to build. Luckily, a simple and cheap wooden pallet is the optimal solution! Fixing up and old pallet is way cheaper than setting up your own shelving, and you would only need a few screws, some lacquer to sharpen up the look and some extra piping to keep your liquor secured. Ultra cheap, and ultra DIY! Take a look at some other man cave bookshelf ideas


How to Make Your Own Lamp



Empty liquor bottles are always plentiful and wasteful at the same time. Throwing away that bottle is completely unnecessary though! Another cheap alternative lighting plan includes reusing those old bottles to make seriously awesome looking lamps! This YouTube DIY video shows exactly how to make a lamp that will make a masculine addition to your room and you don’t have to bother taking out the trash! It’s a win-win all the way.


Install a Wall Mounted Beer Oppener


bottle opener wall mounted


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Having a bunch of friends over to a man cave night is the best way to watch the big game or even to play DnD all night. What really isn’t as cool as a guy’s night is having to look for the stupid bottle opener all night, or during that crucial pass. That’s why this ultimate wall opener is the best, and cleanest, solution.  This instructional from Shanty2Chic shows the easiest and cheapest way to fix your bottle opener to the man cave wall. To make sure that sticky and prickly bottle tops don’t litter all over the floor, put a small bin right underneath the opener. Done and done! We love beer openers, here are some of our favorite beer bottle openers


A Bar is Simply a Necessity For Any Man Cave


man cave bar hacks


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Tricking out your man cave with a smooth looking bar is a more achievable dream than you think!  Just like you can use a wooden pallet for a liquor shelf, you can also use them to make a good-looking bar that you can boast about building yourself! This awesome instructional from Randy Elrod proves that you can be an amateur and still make a really nice bar for a small budget. Now that’s a story to regale your friends with over a beer!


Have One CenterPeace  to Design Around


car parts table


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Not every cave man has a bar, and some guys are more interested in coffee than beer. For all you sit-down-and-sip type guys out there, there is still hope for a cool man cave DIY furniture piece. Making a coffee table that reflects manliness is easy, especially if there are some junkyards around! Don’t worry, this DIY doesn’t require you to dumpster dive, but if you can find a vintage looking tailgate then you are bound to be the talk of all your motor head friends! This super cool coffee table DIY uses a scrap tailgate and some cut glass to make the perfect conversation starter.


Add an Industrial Feel To Your Bookshelves


corner pipe shelf


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Let’s face it, man caves aren’t famous for their sophistication. But with some simple pipes, it could be… This Stella Bleu’s Industrial Corner Bookshelf is bound to smarten up the room, and it’s also a great way to show off what you’re all about. This bookshelf could also definitely work for avid gamer that collect hard copies of their favorites, and this way they’ll look neat and structured (one shelf per franchise?) when your friends come over for a LAN party. DIY, because your man cave deserves it!

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Author: Eric Pangburn

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