Top 9 Man Cave Light Ideas

Top 9 Unique and Manly Lights … Let There be Light

Despite the term “man cave”, in most cases the references is not “literally” a cave. Visions of doom and gloom should only be part of the environment, IF the occupant likes a darker, more Gothic decor. Regardless of a man’s likes or dislikes, there is some incredibly cool lighting set ups, which can make the most out of any space.

In the spirit of individual masculine styles, we would like to show off 10 of the coolest lighting available for the modern, vintage or eclectic style man cave, home or fraternity:



cassette tape lamp


Cassette Tape Lamp

The world of cassette tapes disappeared with the 80s, but these seemingly worthless chunks of plastic create some terrific works of art. Take for instance the joining of around 100 of these now mundane plastic cassettes, surrounding a neon light, which safely prevents melting. The soft neon lighting against the textured casing creates an almost skating rink or disco dance hall like atmosphere. This looks expensive and it probably is, but guess what, you can easily make this yourself. Notice how a wire keeps them together, now figure out a way to put them on a lamp you already have. Nice DIY project… ok next one


robot lamp


Robot Lamps

Every high school science buff wanted to build a cool robot… and some did. That is why we now have robots that will light up your man den. We can sci-fi up the man cave, office, or living room with a unique DIY style Robot Lamp. Fun to play around with and the best part is they are only $15 bucks. Take a look here: Transformative Robot Light



bottle lamp


Liquor Lamps or a Wine Bottle Chandelier

Nothing says, “we appreciate alcohol”, much better than a lamp or chandelier made from recycled bottles. Liquor bottle lamps can be customized, just as we pick our own poison. We can use interesting colored and shaped bottles, in order to create a unique and unusual light. This looks very expensive doesn’t it, but don’t be fooled. All you need is one of these


bottle lamp kit

Bottle Lamp Kit only 10 bucks, Take a look: Bottle Lamp Kit with Adaptors

Those wanting to add to the allure of greatness, may find one bottle is not enough. Instead of tossing those empty wine bottles,  by simply cutting the bottom away and doing a simple conversion. This wine bottle chandelier can make quite the impression, as long as the “cheap” bottles aren’t being featured.



cloud lamp


Cloud Lamp

When most people think of the cloud, their visions is of massive internet storage capabilities. This Cloud was created by the renowned artist Richard Clarkson, and can really light up one’s life with a unique and unusual ambiance.  The cloud light features all around mood effects including color-changing lights, an Arduino inside the hypoallergenic fill and sponge form, and a quality speaker system. The design allows owners to enjoy a “storm” via motion sensors, or at a click of the remote. One of the most beneficial features is the built in Bluetooth, giving the controller the power of true mood music by streaming our own personal play lists, complimented by alternating lighting ambiance.



mas jar lamp


Mason Jar Chandelier

Nothing says, “Hillbilly Chic’”, quite like a mason jar chandelier. This creative and unique light design encourages another purpose for those old canning jars Grandma use to store in the basement. Imagine six mason jars attached and altered into a dangling chandelier. This type of green designing can make quite an impression on friends or family. Something you would see at a start-up office has that touch of creativity to it. If you don’t want to mess with DIY then you can get these for $195.99 here: Vintage Mason Jar Pendant Light



vintage studio lamp


1940s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamp

Aspiring film students, fans of films, and, or vintage Hollywood memorabilia, will absolutely love the look of the 1940’s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamp. It will be like “lights, camera, action”, every time you event the room, and click on the light. A career in movies could potentially be limited to weekend antics, but this light gives a flair for the real. This eclectic design is a solid cast aluminum lamp that will give whatever room it is in, a movie set feel. These little guys are $295.77, Take a look: Vintage Holywood Studio Light



water pipe lamp


Water Pipe Lamp

Nothing says, “man cave”, quite like steel pipes, metal grates and PVC, so the industrial look has gained in popularity over the past decade or so. Water Pipe Lamp jumps into the scene with its own personality and cool, metallic charm. This unusual looking design can add quite a good feel to the overall vibe of the room. A bit spendy but worth the price $219.99, take a look here: Vintage Metal Water Pipe Lamp

These also come in table lamp format


metal water pipe lamp

These little guys are $97.49, Take a look here: Water Pipe Table Lamp



vintage lamp for man caveVintage Salvage Lamp

The popularity of a using salvage parts to light up our life was a tradition long before it became an interior design trend. However, using vintage bike parts like shock absorbers, brake rotors or transmission gears as a source for light, has more recently caught on. Re-purposing salvage metal parts means salvaging those chosen parts from the scrap pile, and creating a unique light source, any guy would love would be proud to see. Not a boring way to make a living as these little guys go roughly for $672 on Amazon, Take a look: Vintage Steel Lamp


future lamp


Erlenmeyer Flask Lamp

This incredibly cool design takes us back to the old black and white science fiction flick. This lamp features a curved design combined with a LED light that is easy on the eyes. This unique light will compliment any modern man cave. Perfect for studying, and you will get tired of everybody asking where you got it. Roughly $125, perfect gift, take a look: Koncept LED Table Lamp

All 9 of these unique light designs can make an interesting addition and impression in any environment. Some of the designs even allow us to add our own unique touch to the finished product, like color, brand or style, for a more personal touch. Regardless of age, theme, environment or space, we should be able to light up our life with the source, and style we choose. Let there be light… specifically a unique, man cave friendly light.

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