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iPhone 6 Case That Charges Your Battary

Naysayers notwithstanding, the iPhone 6 is really a pretty impressive device. Consumers nowadays are a lot savvier than they used to be, and Apple products aren’t exactly enjoying the same unquestioning adulation they had for years past. There was therefore more than a little skepticism as to the desirability of the latest addition to the company’s massively popular iPhone line. Nevertheless, Apple seemed to have faced up to the challenge with the sixth incarnation that proudly upholds the iPhone legacy…sort of.


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IPhone 6: $612 Amazon unlocked


As with all newly released products, there is a bit of a fly in the iPhone 6 ointment: the battery. For a company known for releasing products with pretty good battery life, the noticeably shorter battery life of the iPhone 6 has proven to be a massive disappointment. Considering all the power-hungry apps and features of the phone, the significantly shortened battery life is simply unacceptable.

After all, what good are all those features if running them drives your phone to its knees within minutes?

Like a proverbial superhero that has come to save the day, the 1byOne addresses the iPhone 6’s battery issue in a convenient and elegant manner by providing a power source right along with the phone. Although the battery problem could be addressed in a limited fashion by ready access to a USB port, the 1byOne goes a step further by providing the means to charge the phone even will carrying it around with you.


iphone 6 rechargable battary case

Iphone 6 Rechargeable Case: $36.99 Amazon


Billed as a “rechargeable case”, the 1byOne doesn’t exactly represent a groundbreaking concept. In the wake of the iPhone’s release, a number of battery cases quickly flooded the market. But many of these early products suffered from shoddy build quality and less-than-satisfactory battery mileage. To be sure, there were and there are higher priced models that offer better performance, but the price tag makes them less appealing for people that have already dumped a bundle of cash on the iPhone.

Considering the cost of their investment, having to cough up a few more bills to get functionality that should have been included in the first place is admittedly a bit of a downer.

Which brings us back to the 1byOne.


iphone 6 rechargable case


Already known for producing a line of high-quality but affordable priced devices, the company made quite a bit of a splash with the introduction of the 1byOne rechargeable iPhone 6 case. Boasting of a ruggedly durable exterior, sleek design, and even built-in circuit protection, the 1byOne is much more than your typical iPhone 6. Based on these features alone, the 1byOne already wins out over most other competing brands on the market.


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As impressive as all those features are, the main selling point of the 1byOne–and perhaps what will totally obliterate the competition–is the battery life. With one of the most powerful battery backup systems on the market, the 1byOne is equipped with a 3500mAh Li-polymer battery that provides as much as 120% more battery life to your phone. Ensuring 14 hours of phone time and 12 to 14 hours of browsing time over 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi, the 1byOne delivers all the power you need to keep your iPhone 6 up and running through even the most demanding situations.

There are still more high-end features that make the 1byOne an even more appealing aftermarket add-on. It features sync-through technology that enables you to sync up your phone with a computer without having to take it out of the case. In fact, the included micro USB cable is all you need to get your phone talking to your computer.


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The back of the casing also features three useful LED light indicators that give instant real-time feedback on remaining battery life. The power on/off switch is also conveniently located right next to the lights.

The 1byOne comes in a range of colors including gold, silver, black, white, yellow and gray. Weighing in at only 6.7 ounces, the case won’t add too much heft to your Spartan iPhone. Despite its lightweight and slim form factor, it is remarkably durable and robust, and you should have no trouble carrying it around with you wherever you go.

1byOne is priced at $36.99

Pretty decent for everything you get. Adding even more value to the product is the authentic Apple MFi Certification, which means that the product meets with the stringent quality control standards of Apple. The manufacturer also provides an 18-month replacement guarantee, which should attract even more users to the device. With its combination of high-end features, rugged construction, lightweight design, and outstanding battery life, the 1byOne is definitely worth a closer look.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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