How to Turn Your Basement Into a Man Cave

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How To Turn Any Basement Into a Manly Man Cave


Every man needs his own space. Even a couple in a deep and committed relationship will benefit when they can retreat to their separate “corners.” In fact, a corner might be all it takes for a reading nook, drafting table, or music station. You can relax in these special zones and shut out the trouble of the world. Everyone feels refreshed after a little “me time.” This brings me to the issue of the man cave — the designated zone of the house where a guy can be a guy.

From the wife perspective, it might not be fair if the hubby gets his own cave. However, she should flip that notion. He gets one room and she get the rest of the house — seems like a fair trade.

If you’re looking to build a man cave in your basement, here are some essentials you should include:


The Big Screen


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Watching TV will likely be a focal point of the man cave. Here is where the philosophy of “go big or go home” comes into play. Technically, you’re already home, but there’s no reason why you can’t go big with your TV screen. We’re talking really big. How about a sixty-five inch screen? Sweet. Of course, if you’re going to invest in that kind of TV, you also want the perfect surround sound system. A key feature would be hidden wires. Just because it’s a man cave doesn’t mean it has to look messy.


The Recliner 


Your investment in the perfect viewing system won’t matter if you’re sitting on a beanbag chair. A man cave should have at least one recliner for the man in charge. If there’s room, you could opt for rows of movie theatre seating. We’re not talking about the uncomfortable seats you find in an actual movie theatre but instead plush sofas and loveseats. Yes, they should also all recline. Plus, each of those seats needs a cup holder. And if you can find one with a mini fridge included, then by all means indulge.

When designating the space for your man-throne, it’s important to consider what it will be near in the room. Avoid in-swinging doors and make sure you get prime location next to an electrical outlet if you plan to have an electric recliner.


The Fridge


Speaking of the fridge, it’s another essential for the man cave — especially the man cave in the basement. You don’t want to climb the stairs every time you get thirsty, which would sort of defeat the purpose of your man cave. Instead, a properly placed mini refrigerator will do the trick. You can purchase a standalone unit or incorporate it into your man cave bar. Now you’re talking.


The Games


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What is your preferred game of choice? Darts? Pool? Poker? Each of those could earn a coveted spot in your man cave, but the pool table might be a bit tricky down in the basement. Before you dive in, make sure you measure the access. You don’t want to have your table delivered only to discover it won’t fit down the stairs.

With regard to the poker table, don’t cut corners. Think about how many guys it takes to create the perfect Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. Whether it’s five, six or eight, make sure your table can seat them comfortably. The man cave is all about relaxing and not feeling cramped.


The Cool Stuff


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Your man cave is where you proudly display all the things your loving spouse refuses to look at. Movie posters, sports memorabilia and that neon beer sign you picked up at the flea market should adorn the walls. Yes, you can even choose a theme for your man cave decorations, such as the best of Bond, the Rat Pack or full on Batcave man cave.

You should also consider adding more cool gear to your man cave, such as a popcorn machine, beer tap or a vintage arcade video game.

Designing your man cave sounds exciting — and maybe a bit overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be completed all at once. The man cave can be an ongoing project. Once you have the essentials of TV and recliner, you can begin to build out from there. You’re sure to add to the wall hangings now that you have the freedom to express yourself without recrimination.

Here’s another important thing to remember about a man cave: Don’t make it exclusive. Even though it’s everything you want it to be, you can still share. In fact, if you set up a romantic movie night for your sweetheart and make them feel welcomed in your man cave, you’ll score a lot of points. That can translate into more time in the man cave!




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