The Future is Here, Who’s Ready to Hover Away?

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We have all seen movies or animations over the years that show hover boards, hover cars and hover trains. There have even been movies with hover shoes, allowing the actors to magically hover above the ground and quickly make their destinations by whizzing over cars in traffic.

Hover Magic is Real

Now… that magic is real and available. A company called Hendo has introduced the very first real hover board and hover developer kit. This puts the amazing ability to hover right into the users hands. There is a working prototype that can get you an inch off the ground, and have you hovering around in no time.





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Riding a hover board is like a skateboarder’s dream board, and now it is here. This floating flat surface’s special system is in its four disc shaped hover engines. Together they forge a special magnetic field that will literally push against itself in order to generate the life which levitates the board off the ground. This design was created to be self propelled; however, the actions that cause stabilization can also be utilized to drive the board forward by changing the projected force of the surface the rider is on.


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The trick is, the surface needs to be a non ferromagnetic conductor to work properly. Common metals in simple sheets work fine, but there are unique new compounds and configurations in the works now to maximize this technology and minimize the cost.

Been Here but Didn’t Do That

Ironically, the knowledge has existed for quite some time to create hover devices, but no one actually combined the technology to make it happen. Hendo decided it was time to create working hover boards that exceed our imagination and bring those movie moments into our everyday lives. Still, just like in the movies, these hovering boards have not been completely perfected, thus… we offer something a little different.

The White Box

hover board developer kit

Everyone is familiar with aircrafts having a little black box for information, so Hendo has a little Whitebox Developer Kit. The current specs are:

Dimensions: 10″ x 10″ x 5″ (25cm x 25cm x 12cm), Hover Height: 1/4″ – 1/2″ (1cm – 1.5cm), Battery Life: 10-15 min, Charge Time: 1-2 hrs, Weight: 10-12 lbs (4.5 kg) and Payload: ~ 5 lbs (3 kg)

The Whitebox design has been kept as simple and affordable as possible, in order to get this technology into as many hover enthusiast hands as possible. This design is ready to be examined, explored, analized and even taken apart for those who are mechanically inclined. This product is for the creative mind who wants to take things to the next level, for hovering, or things that have yet to be imagined.

Inspired to Hover

The inspiration for the Whitebox came from a whole variety of sources. It was a crowd sourced project using the most creative minds with an artistic vision. Engineers took what was feasible and practical for professional board riders, and then made it so. Mind you, Hendo only has a limited supply of hover boards at the moment, but the goal is to make it possible for anyone who wants a board to be able to have one.

Expectations and Necessities

Some day in the near future, hover boards will be able to float over any type of surface, even ponds, lakes, and the ocean. Unfortunately, at this point the technology is limited to specific surfaces. Thus, a hover park would be ideal to utilize with hover boards. There are several designs in the works that will work wondrously with the current technology.

Supporters, collaborators and backers currently keep Hendo creating, as they all support and want the hover park to leap into existence. One thing currently available is for hover enthusiasts to claim a small piece of the hover parks surface, around the size of a brick. Once supporters claim a brick, their name will be engraved on it, and it will be placed in the park. This makes Hendo supporters a permanent part of the history of hovering.

Hindering Hovering

There is a theory known as the Lenz Law. It explains how eddy current are created as magnets are placed on a conductive material. The currents create opposing magnetic fields in the conductor. The core technology of Hendo is a Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA), which focuses the field more efficiently/

Levitation is not an easy task, and the Hendo hover board is only a first step product, and a precursor to a larger and more efficient implementation of MFA. The applications of MFA is virtually limitless at the moment, and can be utilized for healthcare, business and personal lifestyles.

Magnetic Levitation is Not the Option

The Hendo hover systems are no like magnetic levitation devices, and instead of inexpensive and sustainable in comparison. Traveling via hover is practical and can eventually lift a wide range of loads. The future can hold anything from a person on a hover board to a car rising out of a sink hole via hover technology.

Whitebox Power

hover control system

The beauty of the Whitebox is it puts the hover control and propulsion system into the hands of the operator via mobile device, like Android or iPhone. This advanced technology control function was not designed for tinkering. Instead if is powered by LiPo rechargeable batteries integrated into the system via the box.  A person can achieve around 15 minutes of hover time via 2 hours of charging, including the power to move backward, forward, left and right. The hover can even be preprogrammed with autonomous flight plans and movement. The goal is to create a Magnetic Field Architecture ecosystem with supporters and encourage the democratization of technology, both software and hardware. This gives anyone with internet technology access to hover technology.

Hover Can Change the World’s View

Eventually, we all might see hovering trains, planes and vehicles after the hover board “gets off the ground”, so to say. This is only the beginning of hover technology, as there is a large range of industries that want to utilize MFA and hover technology. There is an abundance of applications on the drawing board with a variety of industries. This has the potential to help with building foundations, warehouse operations and possibly electromechanical fluid separation.

Even more exciting is the potential… hovering could help develop new ways to harness energy, and replace things like pallet jacks in manufacturing industries. Exotic to ordinary, hovering is the wave of the future.

Creative Minds and Big Plans

Hendo has some big plans, but bigger dreams with this revolutionary hover technology. With more improvements to this technology, the ability to develop earthquake or flood preventions for homes and buildings is possible. Just imagine, a flip of the switch, and a building full of people is saved. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

MFA has the ability to change and improve everything, but it is not there quite yet. Hendo wants to develop and create what to some, seems impossible, but to others… is our future. Arx Pax has joined Hendo and is trying to crowd source the hover boarad for its engine technology. Think Back to the Future, when Mcfly rode a hovering skateboard around… that is becoming a reality with a self powered, levitating platform both adults and children can ride.

Fear of Floating Be Gone

back to the future hover board

The first testing of the hover was approached with caution. One would expect it to sink quickly under 200 pounds of weight. However, the levitating board only bobbed slightly and maintained its position. The current prototype can easily support 300 pounds, but near future versions will be capable of holding 500 pounds without any problems.

The electromagnetic field necessary for hover boards is the same used for MagLev trains, aka non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminum. Riding on a hover board is a challenge, yet it is an amazing experience. Floating in the air, weightlessly, drifting aimlessly, until propulsion is applied. Then, it is up, off and away!!!

A current consideration is utilizing pressure sensitive pads on the base for movement and engine manipulation. Leaning on the board can change positions and cause one to drift or rotate towards their desired destination. Practice is necessary or one might find themselves hurtling out of control.

Trains, Automobiles and Boards

Hendo is having a lot of fun with the hover board, but the original ideals were architecture inspired. The initial plan was to create something to hover buildings away from harm. The thought process was inspired by the hover train, weighing 50,000 kg, which led to, “why not a house?” Theoretically, raising a building off the foundation during a quake would render national disasters null and void. The idea might sound outlandish to some, but we have the technology to move forward with the idea. The hover board is here… the floating buildings are in the near to distant future, depending on funding and materials.

Invest in a Floating Future

Those who want to get in on the hover action can contribute to the Hendo Kickstarter at $299, which actually completes a working Hendo hover engine and a little hover surface to play with for the contributor. It is basically a developer kit for someone to build their own hover board. New ideas are also welcomed by Arx Pax, who will work to make any solid ideas a solid reality. Current delivery dates are October 21, 2015.

Take a look at their kickstarter project


Author: Eric Pangburn

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