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Leather Apple Watch Bands by Pad & Quill Review

One of the most appealing accessories for the new Apple watch is its leather bands. Although there is a wide range of wristbands to choose from, leather bands stand out from the rest. The make and design of the new Apple watch blend perfectly with genuine brown or black leather bands. There are a variety of watch straps to choose from but it’s hard to find Full Grain Leather handcrafted leather straps specifically designed for apple watches.

The Heritage Apple Watch Band is undoubtedly a masterpiece, a symbol of professional craftsmanship in the watch band industry. This band is one of the best looking and most durable bands available in the market that I’ve come across thus far.

Heritage Apple Watch Band Review


Some of the factors to consider when buying watch bands is the material used to make them. This will tell you how durable the bands are.

Robust non-tapered strap


Each strap is made and designed to last for up to 25 years. The bands are sturdy and not tampered with. They are made of full-grain whiskey American leather that
gives your Apple watch both an attractive and luxurious look. When worn on the arm, the leather bands gives you an amazing look and is both comfortable and

Made for 42mm Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3

All straps are designed for the 42mm Apple watch for the first, second and third watch series. The bands are designed for wrists that measure 6 3/4 to 8 1/3 inches 120mm to 212mm in size. They are also available in 38mm and other versions. The bands come in an array of colors to choose from to fit everyone’s preference.

Elegant French-hemmed edges


apple watch strap reveiw


The Heritage Apple Watch Band is crafted with elegance and uniqueness in mind. The edges are hemmed in a peculiar and eye-catching French style. This makes each pair stand out from the rest with its distinctive look. The hemming is unique and is done in a professional way. Just by looking at the crafting of each band tells that a
lot of work has gone to it from a skilled craftsman.

Contrasting sand-colored stitching

To enhance durability, each pair of bands is well stitched and helps to complement the look of the bands. There are different colors to choose from but this particular pair is sand colored. The stitching is UV resistant with marine grade stitching, the type that is used in sails and parachutes. This makes it easy to clean the bands whenever they are dirty. Customers are advised to wide off any dirt with a wet piece of cloth. The band still retains its shiny appealing look.

Durable Matte Black & Polished Nickel Hardware

Each pair is constructed and complemented with a 24mm solid brass buckle that helps to keep the watch in place when it’s being worn. It also gives your arm a comfortable feeling. The bands are constructed with anti-slip and sweat absorbent leather. The buckle can be ordered either as polished nickel or matte black. This is also another reason why the bands last long and still maintain its quality look even after a long time.

Each pair is a masterpiece


genuine leather watch straps for apple watch


Each Heritage Apple Watch Band pair is made with utmost care and professionalism by skilled artisans with many years of experience. The inside of each strap is signed personally by every craftsman. This enables buyers to be able to identify the original pair of Heritage Apple Watch Band and not any sub-standard replicas out in the market.

25-Year Leather Warranty

The most impressive thing about each band is its durability. That is why each pair comes with a twenty-five year warranty on the leather. Because of the quality of each band, you are guaranteed to use the bands for a long period of time, without any wear or tear. The company also guarantees a 30-Day money back promise is any bands purchased are defective.

The increase in the number of watch band producers and manufacturers has resulted in an influx of low-quality bands which has made it difficult for one to be able to choose the best quality bands. Replicas of quality bands come as low-quality products that are often defective and flimsy. Heritage Apple Watch Bands are however top quality bands that will serve you for a very long time.

Dude Living Approved


This particular brand is worth every single dollar it costs. They come with some of the most sophisticated features that make the watch bands some of the best in the market. Heritage Apple Watch Band come in an array of colors to choose from to fit your preference and/or outfit.

Head over to Pad & Quill, and grab a pair of watch straps, this makes the perfect gift for somebody who already invested in an apple watch. 

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