Headphone earbuds Holder – Podbudy Review

Podbudy Review – The perfect Earbud Holders

Podbudy is the new generation headphone that has been tested to be the most reliable earbud holder that can be used anywhere at all times. Podbudy headphone is built at the right ear size ensuring it hangs-on pretty well on your ears and won’t fall off until you remove it.  Let’s take a look at how it works.



The headphone has been built to look and feel different from all the other headphones you know. It also comes in different pair colors ensuring you pick your color of preference from the many choices.

Among all the great features the headphone comes with, I would say the coolness in it is the best as it has been specifically designed to give you a sharp and clever look at all times. I mean, who wouldn’t love to cherish the cools and sharpness that comes with Podbudy?


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The headphone comes with a blend of features ensuring you get the sleek look while enjoying your music.

  1. Podbudy comes with a cool pocket case where you keep your earphones, the case ensures maximum safety for your headphones and protects them from damage when not in use. The pocket case is also sized in line with the headphone size and is thus easy to carry around at all times.
  2. A semi-detachable holder that enables you to clip your earphones, through the holder you can clip your earphone firmly without having to worry about it falling off.
  3. The ear holder is elastic and very flexible for use, the holder ensures it clips onto your ears firmly on either side giving you maximum comfort as you enjoy the music.
  4. The headphone clips in the various slots, that is, at any angle of your choice ensuring you get maximum security and comfort using the headphone. Podbudy has basically been built to bring in comfort and security as you can tell whether its loose or firm when wearing it.

Podbudy is easy to use and fix it in your ears at all times.


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To install it, you pull the lower end of the ear holder and clip it to open it up, you will then fit in your headphone in either of the three slots of your choice depending on how you want to place them in your ears and comfort. The slots have been specially built to ensure the headphone is steady at all times giving security. You are then required to fix the holder around your ears with the loop end going behind your ears.

Isn’t the headphone cool?

You are now ready to enjoy listening to your favorite music. The headphone comes with a number of advantages to the user as it has ensured you get all the features a good headphone can blend in.

To start with, Podbudy is very convenient, It comes with a beautiful all-in-one pocket case where you can store your headphones, the cords, and the holders, you don’t have to struggle and damage your earphones every day.


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Podbudy pocket case has got you covered as it is damage resistant ensuring your headphone are in a good condition and safe all times. Th headphone is personable made, that is, the holder has been made of a translucent material that glows and everyone around you will notice the cool thing hanged around your ear.

Podbudy headphone has ensured your comfortable wearing, this is through three slots in the ear holder that enables you to change the headphone position any time you wish. The headphone brings in adaptability as it is made of a soft and durable material and just fits in your ears. The holder is elastic and can fit in all ears.


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Podbudy is versatile as you can cling in any other headphone on to the holder which has been designed for all headphones. Podbudy is reversible, that is, you can wear either headphone on either side without worry as it has been designed for both ears.

Podbudy has been tested to be a very reliable headphone at all times, you can wear it anywhere at all times and in all activities without having to worry it will fall off. It has been tested in jumping, running, gym, yoga, dancing, skating and hiking among others and the results were positive.

Podbudy is an all-in-one new generation headphone accessory . Join the the early backers for exclusive perks, and receive updates about the upcoming Kick Starter campaign at Podbudy.com 

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