Have a vacation at home with these interior design ideas

Home Decor and Interior Design Ideas any Guy will brag about


Modern architecture, interior design and just plain genius, this list is enough to get you ripping into your nearest man cave emporium!

These amazing ideas have gone viral on the internet, and now you can use them as inspiration in your own home. One thing is for sure, if our homes looked anything like this, we would never want to go on vacation. Why would you? Your own home is now the better heaven!


 Best Home Decorating and Design Ideas 2015

 Outsides now indoors? 


man cave decor

Having the sand between your toes. Source


Do you work from home, or spend a lot of time on the computer?

If you’re a programmer by force and a surfer by choice, this may be the best of both worlds. Not only do you have a piece of the great outdoors under your feet, you also get to combine the best of both worlds without giving up your internet addiction. The only exception to how awesome it is, is the fact that getting one of these if you have a cat is not a great idea. Not unless the idea of putting your feet in a giant litter box sounds like your thing!

PSSST: For these who only read subtitles or just look at pictures … once again. Do not do this if you have cats at home 🙂


Backyard big screen 


man cave decorating ideas

Pass the popcorn! Source


Imagine kicking back and relaxing in this backyard movie theater!

It sure would take a lot of the pressure off of movie night, considering how rounding up everyone, getting them to their seats and worrying about snacks and bathroom breaks. With this outdoor home theater everyone has everything they need within reach, and you get to take advantage of the great outdoors while the weather is still good. A perfect summer weekend idea that will have people talking for years afterwards.


Poolside paradise 


home decorating for men

Stuck between a rock and a luxurious swim. Source


This architect or pool designer definitely knew how to create that 5 star hotel feeling with this pool!

The rock entrance to the pool goes down slightly in a slope that allows you to wade in slowly while holding a fruity-umbrella drink in your hand. All you need is a floating chair and some sunglasses to make this the best summer day ever! Get that holiday vibe every day, because this pool will take you straight to the Bahamas!


Something cool for the kids – Ultimate Kids room


home design ideas for men

Phineas and Ferb have done it again! Source


Your child will love this indoor bunk bed tree house so much he or she will never leave it again!

With a sliding window and a tiny ladder leading to the bed, this is a private play and sleep house that will make your kid the envy of the entire school. Still want to do it in a smaller space? Try setting up a matching wooden desk underneath the ladder and entrance to save on floor space while allowing your child to do work and be creative in the same spot! For even more adorableness, try letting them decorate the tree house themselves.


Something cool for the pets – Ultimate Cats Room

manly home design ideas

A catwalk with a view! Source


The ultimate solution to having both dogs and cats.

These caged walkways will allow your cat to safely roam around the outskirts of your house without being exposed to any canine teeth. Not only are they structurally sound and customized for your home, they also look pretty classy too. You can get the same kind of builds done in the interior of the house too, in different materials and color. Perfect for the cat-loving family or even an animal shelter, these are definitely feline chic!


Kitchen Table Pool – A different kind of cool


 kitchen table and pool table

All work and no play… it’s on sale on Amazon for $7,995


What better way to digest your food than to play a round of pool right after dinner?

This slide away dinner top table is a great combination of both fun and food, and great for smaller rooms or homes. By combining the two tables in one room you don’t have to lose out on having either a dining room table or a pool table. Besides practicality, how cool is it that you and your family or guests can jump up and have an impromptu pool tournament after finishing desert? It’s definitely one dinner party we would RSVP to!


Living Room Wine Cellar – The art of the grape


wine celler in living room

A wine basement? Sign us up! Source


Ok, it’s a lot classier than just a wine basement, but we still NEED this in our kitchens or living rooms in this case.

This perfectly temperature-controlled wine storage room lies sunken beneath the floor with only a circular entrance as a tip off that anything lies below. Definitely one of the most expensive and upgraded home décor ideas on this list, it is bound to start a conversation every time when someone comes over!


cool ideas for rooms


Perfect for the wine connoisseur, this storage unit could always be used for other storage purposes too. It’s fully open for interpretation, and could work just as well as a den in a teen’s room!


Aquarium Bed – Sleeping with the fishes


sleeping with fish bedroom ideas

This gives a new meaning to “water bed”. Source


Prepare to give your bedroom the most soothing and cool make-over you have ever seen.

This bed is nearly completely covered by a functioning aquarium, filled with little fish darting all over. Forget counting sheep, now you can count gold fish to put you to sleep! While this headboard may be beautiful, bear in mind it isn’t ideal for really tall people, unless you like waking up with a mouthful of fish water and broken glass. Still, having one of these is sure to make the room even more relaxing, until it has to be cleaned that is!


Hanging Sofa – Just hanging around


floating bed

Finally, an excuse to procrastinate! Source


A hanging sofa may sound as if it’s a lot of effort, but when you look at how many benefits there are you may change your mind! This type of hanging sofa is perfect for a big unfillable space, and is even more perfect for readers and Netflix fans. Just picture cuddling with your significant other, swinging gently while you snack and watch your favourite series. Covered in your favourite pillows, there is no reason not to try it at least once!



Stairs of literacy


bookcase with cool stairs

Booking it up the stairs! Source


One of the smartest little decor ideas on this list, the stair bookcase is the best idea EVER for avid readers and book collectors.

Bookworms can testify to how hard it is to find a spot for all those books once you’ve filled up more than four shelves, and piling them around could only damage them. These stunning steps serve as both shelf and step, with spaces in between and around the actual step for books to be packed into. You can even follow your own shelving system, or color code your books for a more pleasing look, although there is no look more pleasing than that of a house filled with well-loved books.

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