Make One of a Kind Homemade Guitar Picks With the Pick Punch

Make One of a Kind Homemade Guitar Picks With the Pick Punch


make your own guitar picks


One thing a guitarist, bassist, mandolin, or fiddle player might truly appreciate, if they use picks, is a lifetime supply of them. The Pick Punch is the way to save money, and recycle ANY credit card, used gift card, fan club card, expired gym membership, expired library card, or any other hard plastic card. Each and every card can make a minimum of two picks, possibly three with conservative measurements.

A do it yourself guitar pick punch can be a wonderful addition to almost any string instrument players music bag. The frugal musician will see this as one of the most wonderful gifts they could ever receive, as they well henceforth, never have to buy another pick. Any old credit or plastic card in general, can quickly and easily evolve into a custom guitar pick. Small plastic sheets can also be used, such as the ones found in plastic binders for separation. Craft stores often sell colored plastic sheets also, for guitarists that want to really show an individual sense of style or color.

The process is simple. To make the perfect guitar pick, insert the old card or plastic sheet into the Pick Punch. Give it a squeeze, and walla! Out falls a brand new pick.

This solid, durable construction of the guitar Pick Punch will allow musicians to create thousands of picks, over endless years to come. With proper care, they might even pass this down to other musicians in the family, or friends. Thanks to the heavy duty steel cutting head with a dual spring action, the Pick Punch has the power “punch” needed to slice through millimeter thick plastic. The all metal interior construction with a plastic base gives the machine the strength needed, with a smooth carriage to prevent scraping if sat on say… a guitar.

This Guitar Pick Punch opens the door to not only keeping one’s self a consistent supply of picks, but also other musicians. We can keep the punch a secret, and supply friends and family with picks for gifts during birthdays, or holidays. Use unique plastic sources from colored jugs from milk or Kool-Aid, to butter tubs, to some ice cream tubs. Now any millimeter thick plastic item in our home, or recycle bin, can evolve into a second life as a unique guitar pick.guitar pick punch

Get creative with the Pick Punch. The open bottom design allows a great visual of the pick, pre punch. That way the prepick design can be altered prior to the punch itself. Make a pick out of that favorite ice cream logo from its plastic container, or a cool shape of a juice logo. As long as the plastic is the correct thickness or less, anything can be used. Plastic jars, bottles, bubble packs, and more. The home becomes a treasure trove of exciting possibilities that will never be found in the music store.

The guitar Pick Punch has the following features, dimensions and specs:

Dimensions: 6″ x 4″ x 1.375″

Punch picks up to 1mm (1/32″) thick

Steel punch head

Plastic Base

Price: Guitar Pick Punch $20.88

The guitar Pick Punch makes the perfect gift for pick users of any style. It gives us the freedom to use creativity and make all original picks that cannot be found anywhere else.

Author: Ibropalic

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