Engineer builds futuristic man cave- and it’s astounding!

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His name is Jono Williams, and he sees the world a bit differently to everyone else. While he is a trained plastics engineer and graphic designer, he has over the past few years put his mind to architecture, building and painting instead! Williams, who is centered in the northern part of New Zealand, has built what has been dubbed the “Skysphere” and it is the stuff sci-fi movies are made of.

The Skysphere is a high tech and futuristic tree house, and is surrounded by nature in an ironic statement.


futuristic man cave


The Skysphere includes plenty of high-tech goods to get any guy drooling, including an app controlled beer dispenser, solar powered and voice activated LED lights and fingerprint entry. The futuristic tree house was conceptualised by Williams and a friend over 3 years ago over drinks, as many amazing ideas start.

Today, $67 000 later, the Skysphere is up and running in an environmentally friendly way at that!

The entire Skysphere is run completely on solar power, and the panels are discreetly hidden on the top of the tower. Currently the solar power system is designed to provide electricity for two days a week, perfect for Williams who currently uses it as a weekend escape. All the lighting, electricity and security systems are controlled via a mobile app which Williams made on an Android system. This allows him to remotely control what is happening, and even dim the lights when it’s time for bed, all without having to get up once.

The tower is sturdier than it looks, with Williams importing steel from China to build it.

The original idea Williams had was to build an actual tree house, or a structure set up between several trees. But after finding the design difficult and nearly impossible to execute, he changed his mind and started designing a free standing structure instead. The final tower stands at ten meters up, and took around 3000 hours to complete.


building a man cave


Right now, the Skysphere is still a work in progress. So far it needs another layer of paint, some more carpeting and a few other updates to finish up the first version. Williams has spoken about possible plans for more building in the future, including an outdoor bathroom as the Skysphere currently doesn’t have one. Right now Williams uses a ladder to access the tower, and uses a rope and pulley system to lift things that don’t fit through the entry tube while it has just enough space for a bed. Plans for version two have started to form, which will include a bathroom and possibly even a hydraulic lift!


future man cave


Williams has been surprised by the sheer amount of interest in the Skysphere, and has started negotiating and debating whether he should manufacture them for sale. He has stated that the Skysphere could be set up nearly anywhere, including a backyard or even an ocean! The idea of a free standing tree house for kids could go viral overnight, and children and adults will be dying to have their own hide out available.

More than that, the Skysphere proves that nearly anything is possible, and that there is no such thing as a bad idea. If Jono Williams had thought his idea was stupid and brushed it off, he wouldn’t have the coolest man cave and possibly booming business ever. Watch this, and every other open space. Soon, little futuristic towers will grow between the trees, and they may even have some cold, built into the couch beers waiting.


man cave with a view

Not a bad way to spend the weekend!

For more info about the SkySphere and to keep up with what Jono Williams is up to visit

Author: Eric Pangburn

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