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Eletrunks was created when its founder, Michael was riding a motorcycle exploring the nations of Peru, Ecuador, and Cuba. He noticed that his manhood, whereas it should have been in a comfortable manner, rests as the most distracting feature when he was riding his bicycle. From this dilemma, Michael founded Electrunks, the underwear that aims to address such irritation and uncomfortable by adjusting the basic framework of the underwear itself.


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The primary difference created was that raises the level where the manhood is while maintaining it below the waists. It furthermore balances the manhood with the height of the underwear. It is absolutely great when you are conscious with the comfort of your manhood and places it in a position where you can adjust comfort easily.


best underwera for men ever


This underwear is made from Brooklyn. The material is made from Modal, a beechwood tree fiber. In comparison to cotton itself, it is more than 20 times water less than cotton. What makes is better, however, is that it is 99.5 recycled process making it more sustainable to the environment. The material is also softer, silkier, and more sustainable.

One of the features of this product is in the process of allowing our manhood elevated while being below the waistline, they are cab be adjusted easily depending on the preference of the user.

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It can be adjusted due to its patented “Lifter” which is a string connected to the waistband located at the bottom of the pouch. You use the “Lifter” whenever you want to adjust the positioning of your manhood. This feature results to gaining coverage of cloth between and along the legs and makes sure that skin to skin contact will never happen inside the underwear.

This is the the best feature I have ever seen in the history of mens underwear and it’s 100% Dude Living approved.

I’ve worn the Elektrunks for a good month now and can attest to the comfort due to its no skin contact measure and adjustments. By doing so, it erases the wet and sticky feeling that is deemed as awkward whenever we are out of our homes. It’s is comfortable because the material used to make such absorbs the sweat in the area maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of the manhood even in hot situations.

The underwear is divided into 5 parts.

The first one is the lifter, whereas discussed earlier, it adjusts you and your manhood into position. This is the primary mechanism that allows user to adjust the underwear in accordance to their preference. The second one is the Safety tunnel where it protects the manhood from over adjusting by the device. This assures the comfort of the manhood while it is being adjusted.

The fabric is also flat-locked stitched, a design by which does not result to a bulky stitching inside the fabric while given you the same high-quality strength of an ordinary stitch. In this way, there may still be maximum comfort along the seams.

The fourth part of the underwear, the Gusset, is the portion of cloth that connects the underwear from the front side to the backside. given the wide coverage of the area, it prevents any possibility of chipping and other skin to skin contact. This helps eliminate the awkward feeling of contacts, especially in hot areas.

The last part is named the Pouch, this is where the manhood is mainly carried, it is a separate clothing that is used to test the manhood and further avoid skin to skin contact. This primarily segregates the manhood from the rest of the organ.


best undies for men 2017


The product comes in with 5 colors, named as the following:

  • Midnight Stealth, which is black in color
  • Purple Reign
  • FITspiration Blue
  • Ron BurgUndies
  • Gray(s)Kale

Each of the item if sold separately costs $28 dollars. However, it also comes in 3pack bundles priced at $79.80 currently and 5 pack bundles which are priced at $130 dollars. This product is certainly created to give comfort to whoever sees and feels the uncomfortable feeling of wearing the normal and ordinary underwear that is sold all around the world. This item and product aim to redefine underwears and to make sure that it is also used as a tool to attain maximum comfort to whoever tries to use such. We here at DudeLiving wholeheartedly endorse electrunks and this could be our best undies for men of 2017.

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