Dorm Room Essentials – The Advanced Guide to Comfortable Dorm Living

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dorm room essentials


Everyone knows the basic essentials to take when they move into a college dorm, especially after they’ve spent a few semesters there. The trouble is the more advanced dorm room essentials that aren’t always first on your list when you’re packing- but you sure miss them when they’re not with you!

This list is a good guide to where to get started on those sneaky necessities that aren’t first on your mind when you’re packing your bags. If you’re reading this when you’re already moved in, bookmark it for future reference, or have family send some of the items to you. Happy dorm living!

The Advanced Guide to Dorm Room Essentials for a Comfortable Dorm Living Experience


1) Cozy Bedding and a few extra Bed Sheets


bedding for men


The first thing on your list should always be your bedding, which should include your duvet, two or three pairs of duvet covers and sheets and an extra pillow. By taking enough linens with you, you won’t have to constantly wash the same pair until it falls apart! Also, a blanket or thick comforter will come in handy too, especially for those cold nights you don’t always expect. On this same note, pack clothes for warm, cold and in-between weather. It’s better to have a heavier bag or fuller closet than to be covered in sweat stains or to be going blue from cold!


2) Comfortable Schick® Xtreme3® Disposable Razors

disposable razors

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3) Waterproof Shower Bag


shower bag

Another back to school essential is finding a waterproof shower bag or shower caddy. Sure, having all your toiletries with you is convenient, but putting them in a waterproof bag is even more convenient, since you don’t have to dry and store everything. Just head to the shower, hang it up and when you’re done just take it back with you until your next shower.


3) Coat Hangers

closet space saving ideas

Granted, when you get to your dorm room (or as you probably already know), the closet space isn’t amazing. So having a trunk that doubles as an extra seat, or learning some smart packing can go a very long way here. Have you ever heard of the army roll? Here is a basic guide on how to do it, showing you how much you really can fit in a trunk. Another great tip for finding more living space is to pack some innovative clothes hangers.

Did you know that a survey done about the most forgotten items when moving into a dorm by the University of Delaware found hangers to be number one?

That’s just plain scary, since living in creased clothing for a few months isn’t making a good first impression at classes or at job interviews. Getting a bunch of hangers and using them innovatively will make a BIG difference in how you pack and store stuff. One method is to use the hangers with soda tabs hooked over them like this to get more space for your clothing.


4) First Aid Kit and some Tools

1st aid kit

No matter where you are, accidents can happen. While most universities and colleges have small clinics on campus, getting across campus while you’re hurt isn’t always a great option. For that reason alone you need to keep a well-stocked first aid kit in a convenient space in your dorm room, for quick access. Basic contents should include some band aids, bandages, disinfectant, stain remover, aspirin, sunscreen and more.

Most stores stock basic first aid kits that aren’t too expensive, so investing in one is a great idea. In the same breath, a small toolkit is just as important, since things will most likely break on you. Dorm furniture isn’t always the highest quality, so it’s good to be well-prepared in case a hinge rips out or a screw needs to be tightened.

It may sound like something your dad would insist on, but he’s right:

“you can’t do anything if you don’t have the right tools.”

Make sure that your kit has some screw drivers, basic wrenches, glues, a measuring tape and duct tape at the very least. Duct tape is one of the best tools you will ever have, and it can fix nearly everything.


5) Personal Printer


printer for dorm room


The next thing may seem obvious or superfluous, but having a small printer is really a necessity that can’t be passed up. The university or college may have one in the library, but chances are it’s not in working order, the queue is years long or it costs more credits than it’s worth. Keeping a small printer in your room stocked with paper will make a massive difference, as a lot of lecturers expect hard copies of assignments, posters or even readings to be printed for class. Be ahead of the curve- and save some money in the long term- by getting your own and using it wisely.


6) Noise cancelling Wireless headphones


wireless headphones


Also to keep your studies and sleep distraction free, invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones and even some wireless ear plugs. This is essential if you share a room, and could make the difference in your relationship with your roomie. Use your noise-cancelling headphones when you need to do some work to block out all other noises, and earplugs for those late night study sessions or naps when your roommate is practicing yoga, or a monologue. A comfortable eye mask wouldn’t go a miss here either, so that any turned on lights won’t bother you when you need some shut eye.


7) Chargers, Batteries and Extension Cords


dorm room essentail items


Always remember to include all your tech needs in your packing list. Extra cell phone chargers, batteries and two point plugs make all the difference when something goes wrong. This includes getting some surge protectors for all your wall sockets in case a storm creates your worst nightmare by taking out your laptop before a due date! An extension cord is another great addition to your room, since it will allow you more movability for small appliances or charging cables.


8) Mini Fridge, Coffee Machine, Microwave


coffee machine


Speaking of small appliances, if your dorm room isn’t stocked with a small fridge or cooler it wouldn’t be an awful idea to get one. A small bar fridge for your side of the room is a great way to get more storage space (like piling a microwave or book collection on top), but it will also save you money when you do your own groceries. Res food isn’t the best food every day of the week, so having some snacks around in a fridge small enough to fit under your desk is a dream.

Other smaller appliances that you should look at investing in are an iron, a small kettle or coffee maker, a blender and as mentioned above, a small microwave (if this isn’t considered a fire hazard- check with your college or RA first!). Having all of these makes a big difference in your comfort in your home away from home, and since they are smaller they won’t be as much of a mission to move when you finish your degree.


Lastly, remember to take all of your things with you when you return home. It’s to ensure your belongings remain safe, as well as the fact that you then have the opportunity to clean or repair them properly. When you return home, it’s not just your physical necessities and items you need to take. You need to take your memories, your plans for the future, your book list and your deservingness of a vacation with you- until the next semester!


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