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arrow and board brand review

Arrow And Board Hand Crafted Goods Review

If you want to put a timepiece on your wrist with an exquisite band of leather, there are few options as good as Arrow and Board watch straps. Arrow and Board specialize in premium leather products, but specifically, those related to small carry items, home decor, and tech.

Among their products, which will also be discussed below, are a series of watch bands, including for traditional watches as well as a line of premium leather Apple watch straps. Their other products are also worth looking, as A&B aren’t really in the business of anything other than fine goods.

Home Decor and Other Leather Items You Wouldn’t Think Of

Arrow and Board are a leather goods company, making very fine small leather goods from a quality hide that you generally just don’t get anywhere.

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Yes, that includes Wilson Leather; not all of their stuff is as good as you’d think.

However, “A&B” makes and offers small wear products and home decor items made from premium leather, rather than the typical wares like belts, jackets and so on. Instead, they focus more on smaller wearables of incredible finery such as watch straps, MacBook covers, camera straps, wallets, and home decor items such as leather-trimmed signs and leather pennants.

Arrow and Board purport to be run by the nephew of Dave, the man who started Saddleback Leather Co., one of the finest leather luggage purveyors out there. Saddleback leather goods are about as good as can be had, so if the leather is half as good as that of Saddleback, you’re getting a leather item with quality second to none; that watch strap will probably outlive you.

Arrow and Board Watch Straps

apple watch leather strap

Currently, Arrow and Board watch straps are offered for traditional watches and the Apple Watch.

Apple watch straps include both traditional designs and split band designs as well. Available colors include black, tan, medium and buck brown. Select straps can also be had in Shell Cordovan, in Whiskey (light brown), Black or Reverse colors – the latter put the black to the inside and the patina side out.

Adapter sets can also be had in order to mount the strap to the watch. The Apple watch straps can be had for either the 42mm or 38mm size of Apple watch, so either size can be put on an Arrow and Board watch strap.

leather macbook case

Traditional watch straps can be had in the same colors, with the addition of Shell Cordovan #8, a rich chocolate brown. Straps can also be had in Medium Brown, tan and black, with the Shell Cordovan bands commanding a $50 premium.

Any of these bands will dress up either a traditional watch or Apple watch very smartly, as a good leather band should do for a watch. Provided adequate care and leather treatment, they should last a lifetime…possibly longer, as is possible with fine leather goods.

What Are The Arrow And Board Watch Straps Made From?


When you look at leather goods, check the type of leather it’s made from; Arrow and Board watch straps are made with quality leather and given the pedigree, you can expect that it would be.

A&B watch straps are made from vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, which is the finest grade possible. Vegetable tanning is a leather curing process that uses natural ingredients to preserve it. The result is a leather that is strong but supple. It lasts a long time but also develops a lovely patina with age that is quite desirable.

Typically, watch straps of this grade only are installed on the finest of watches due to their relative scarcity. It will look amazing with yours.

Other Arrow And Board Products

leather card and phone wallets

The rest of the lineup of Arrow and Board products is also worth exploring, as the leather pennants, leather signs, and other fineries are at once retro but also timeless. Classic would be the word that comes to mind; a man room would look fantastic with the leather pennant or leather map of the United States on the wall.

Keychains would appear wonderful dangling from their key fob, and of course, your MacBook (or another laptop) will be far better dressed with a leather case than the typical satchel or backpack. Their wallets are also very smart-looking as well, and photogs should get ready – Arrow and Board camera straps are soon to be released.

Overall, Arrow and Board products have a classic, elegant appearance that a person who appreciates a bit of class and a touch of the finer things would enjoy.

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