Best Man Cave Theme Ideas – [ Part 1 ]

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DudeLiving’s Ultimate List of Man Cave Themes & Man Cave Ideas – [ Part 1 ]

So you’re ready to create that ultimate “man cave” aka finished basement (treehouse, pub shed, or garage conversion) the first step is coming up with that perfect man cave theme that best fits your personality.

What’s the Dude Living focal point? What’s the environment that you are trying to create? What features will stand out?

The fun part of it all is truly designing and planning for your man cave style. Themed spaces, are a must these days and continues to be a growing trend.  We are here to help you get your thought process started and created 37 man cave theme ideas for you to check out.


Sports Man Cave


sports man cave


Sports are one of the manliest of all manly pursuits, and what better way to celebrate that hallowed tradition than with your very own sports-themed man-cave? Add a pool table, a dartboard, a pinball machine, and a well-stocked bar, and its game time! Don’t forget the widescreen TV for those essential Monday night football viewings!


Movie Theater Man Cave


home theater seating


Movies are always good for relaxation, but you don’t necessarily want to brave theater crowds, creaky seats, or popcorn-strewn aisles to enjoy them. With your very own movie-themed man-cave, you won’t have to! A big chunk of your budget will be devoted to a state-of-the-art home entertainment system of course (a big screen TV and booming sound system are essential), but don’t forget to stock up on some classic movie posters, a soft-drink dispenser, and a popcorn maker as well!


Biker Man Cave


awsome man cave harley


If you are a cycling aficionado, devoting your very own personal man-space to your passion is highly recommended! Antique bike parts make for excellent wall-hangings and fixtures, and the good news is that you can pick up a lot of them inexpensively–or even for free–from garage and yard sales or Craigslist. Add some cycling action shots and you’re good to go!


Man Cave Bar


man cave bar


Most man-caves have a bar built-in as a matter of course, but if you are truly passionate about drinks and the entire bar experience, why not go the extra step and design your man-cave as a bar? With a place to practice your mixology and unleash your cocktail creations on your friends, you may never have a need to set foot in another bar ever again! All you need is a good kegerator to get started. Take a look at our ultimate kegarator guide.

Billiard Themed Man Cave


billiard man cave

Source: DIY Network

Few games are as manly as billiards or pool, and a billiard-themed man-cave is exactly what you need to celebrate this time-honored pursuit! Apart from the pool table, pool cues, racks, and accessories, you will also need a snack bar, a drinks bar, and plenty of tall bar stools players can sit on in between turns.


Gamer Man Cave


video game room


If you’re old enough to have your own man-cave but not old enough to outgrow your love of playing video games, the good news is that you don’t have to choose! Setting up your man-cave as a gaming room makes perfect sense from many standpoints, and you can finally play your game for hours upon hours without being disturbed or without disturbing anyone for that matter. With a large screen, a couple of comfortable plush chairs, and your gaming console of choice, you will have everything you need to finally finish that boss level in comfort and style!


Classic Study Man Cave


office man cave


Man-caves weren’t always called “man-caves”; the earliest versions were more often referred to as “dens” or “studies”. Now, you too can relive that classic tradition, by setting up your man-cave as a study! Essentials include bookshelves stacked with hardcover literary classics, elegant furniture, plush armchairs, dark, heavy drapes, classy wood floors, and a bar stocked with good scotch or any other liquor of your choice.


Hunters Man Cave


hunter man cave


Say what you will about hunting but it is undeniably another time-honored manly tradition. One of the best things about setting up your man-cave as a hunting den is that many of the implements commonly used in hunting make for excellent décor! You can keep things as rustic or as elegant as you choose, and you could even hang some of your stuffed prized catches on the wall (only game animals if you please; hunting rare or endangered animals is illegal–not to mention unethical–and hanging them on the walls of your man-cave is simply in poor taste, don’t you think?).


Western Themed Man Cave


western style man cave


The great Wild West tradition is alive and well, and there is no better way to celebrate it than with your own Western themed man-cave! In order to get that authentic, rough-hewn cowboy-western look, focus on earthy hues such as beige, brown, and the like. A standup bar with beer on tap is also essential, as are saloon-style swinging doors. Don’t forget to place Native American curious about as well for the full cowboy experience!


Poker Man Cave


poker table for man cave


If you regularly enjoy a rousing game of poker, designing your man-cave as a poker den is a no-brainer! A good classic card table makes for the ideal centerpiece, with a full set of authentic poker chips to add to the experience. Make sure you have a good selection of snacks on standby and plenty of beer in the cooler. While you’re at it, it also wouldn’t hurt to have some plush chairs around for those epic all-nighters where someone will inevitably need a break from the action.



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Author: Eric Pangburn

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