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In every beer aficionado’s life, there comes a time when we gravitate towards classier and more up-market brews. Call it sophistication or maturity–whether in terms of age or palate–but most everyone eventually develops a hankering for beers at the upper range of the flavor and price range.


That being said, there will always be a place in our hearts–and in our coolers–for beers that could best be described as ‘cheap and cheerful’. You know the kind: the beers that you regularly got blotzed to in college–those that can be bought by the six-pack for a handful of loose change. Although most of these brews aren’t exactly known for their complex bouquets or stylish packaging, they are the perfect choices for tailgate parties, backyard barbecues, or simply for enjoying the game with a hot, greasy, artery-clogging pizza on-hand. Ultimately satisfying without breaking the bank, these beers always have a place in the beer lover’s arsenal.


yuengling lager best cheap beer dude living


Yuengling Lager

At just under $10 for a pack of 12, Yuengling is the undisputed pride of Pennsylvania’s beer-chugging population. One of the classier options in its price range, Yuengling is produced in one of the oldest breweries in the United States. Slightly sweet and pleasantly malty, Yuengling is a suitable choice whether you are spending the afternoon souping up your hot rod or enjoying Monday night football on TV.


pabst blue ribbon best cheap beer for men


Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon is an American classic that has made the unlikely transition from a working class brew into the hipster faction’s beer of choice. Take a look around at the next outdoor music festival and you won’t miss all the ‘hipper-than-thou’ indie rockers donning trucker caps bearing the PBR logo. Light and easy to chug down, PBR is yours to enjoy for about $10 per 12-pack.


new belgium best cheap beer for guys


New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

At about $16 for a 12-pack, Fat Tire just barely makes it into our ‘budget’ selection. Nevertheless, its pleasantly robust flavor and undeniable cool makes it an excellent choice for pre-game swilling at the parking lot or for more genteel sipping at the bar. Would it surprise you to know that Fat Tire is especially popular among mountain bikers?


dundee summer wheat, best cheap beer for men


Dundee Summer Wheat

Wheat beer isn’t exactly the first thing most people would think of when picking up a couple of dozen brewskies for the game, but Dundee Summer Wheat delivers the goods all the same. Attractively priced at $5 a six-pack, Dundee Summer Wheat has a slightly lemony flavor that goes down well during those balmy summer evenings.


lionshead good cheap beer


The Lion Brewery Lionshead

One of the undisputed classics in the budget brew range, Lionshead is available for the almost unbelievably low price of $8 for a 12-pack, which comes out to about 66 cents a can. For the price, you get a nice dry and smooth tasting brew that provides just the right balance of sweetness and bitterness. Did we mention ‘classic’?


Simpler Times Lager awsome cheap beer


Simpler Times Lager

If you can’t afford a six-pack of Simpler Times, you probably shouldn’t be spending money on beer. At just under $3 for a six-pack, you can probably rustle up enough scratch to pick up a couple of dozen of these just by digging around under the cushions of your sofa! Be warned though: Simpler Times has a decidedly sweet flavor that probably wouldn’t suit everyone’s taste.


tecate beer for guys



Like its (just) slightly more up market sibling, Corona, Tecate goes down well when paired with a burger or a burrito. At just under $7 a six-pack, you’ll definitely have a few pesos leftover for your chow of choice. Although its noticeably light flavor may teeter on the bland and boring for some, it does make for easy chugging.


red oval classic lager


Red Oval Classic Lager

With a beguiling yellow–not red–hue, Red Oval fits neatly into the current macro brew trend sweeping across the nation. Leaning toward the light and simple end of the flavor range, Red Oval is nevertheless a pleasant alternative to the headier brews in its class. And at only $4 for a six-pack, there really isn’t a lot you can complain about.


dale's pale ale good cheap beer


Dale’s Pale Ale

Easing back up toward the higher end of the price scale, Dale’s Pale Ale is sold at $9 for a six-pack. The slightly higher price is definitely worth it however, with the bold, robust flavor and authoritative kick you get with every gulp. Don’t let the pleasantly hoppy taste fool you though: with an alcohol level of 6.50%, this gem of the budget beer range definitely packs a kick.
Well, that’s our list and we’re sticking to it! Do you have a few of your own favorite and cheap beers? We’d love to hear your recommendations over on twitter @dudeliving.



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