Best Camping Gear 2016

best camping gear

Top Camping Essential For 2016


Heading out to the Great Outdoors is a tempting prospect for many, with the fresh air, abundant sunshine, and opportunity to commune with nature being among its most appealing aspects. As enjoyable as the outdoors may be however, certain camping equipment essentials are necessary in order to ensure everyone’s safety, and to make the most of the experience. The right gear and products can spell the difference between a totally rewarding camping trip and one that ends in near disaster. It is therefore a good idea to take stock of exactly what you will need before heading off. 


camping gear list


Equipment requirements vary considerably depending on the location, the circumstances of the trip, and who is going. Consideration will also have to be given to the length of the trip, the terrain, weather and environmental conditions, and so on. Because there are so many unique factors that will have to be taken into consideration, it is almost impossible to put together a “universal” list of camping accessories and equipment that will work for every situation. Nevertheless, there are certain items that will find use in any camping trip. Here are some useful additions you could make to your gear and accessories list.


Topo Designs Camp Blanket


fire retardand blanked

Fire Retardant Blanket | Amazon 24.99


For $25, this hardy and durable camp blanket will make a great addition to any backpack. Versatile and designed for rugged use, it is large enough to fit a couple of people comfortably. It also keeps you dry when the ground is damp, and keeps you cool when the temperature rises.  Best part is that if it should come close to the fire it will not catch on flame, safety is your number one priority when camping. 


UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit


storm proof match kit


UCO Titan Sotrmproof Match Kit |  Amazon $9.78


Even if you are a certified true outdoorsman with the ability to make fire by rubbing two sticks together, the UCO Titan stormproof match kit can make your life a whole lot easier. Nine dollars gets you a waterproof box of twelve 4” long matches, each of which stays lit for a full 25 seconds. They ignite easily even soaking wet in high winds, making them excellent add-ons to your pack.


Portable Espresso Maker


portable epsresso maker


MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker | Amazon $64.99


There’s no reason to miss out on your midmorning espresso even when out in the wild! Wacaco saves you from facing that particular dilemma, with this compact and remarkably portable machine billed as the smallest, lightest and most versatile espresso maker on the market today. A handheld unit equipped with a semi-automatic piston mechanism, this handy device gives you the perfect cup every time–even when you are miles away from the nearest Starbucks.


Etekcity Mini Camping Stove


camping stove


Etekcity E-gear Portable Camping Stove | Amazon $9.99


Although there is something to be said about cooking your food over an open fire, it isn’t always the most practical or convenient option. For $10, you could get the Etekcity mini camping stove, which is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Amazingly enough, this hot little number can take a liter of water from tepid to boiling in well under four minutes. It works with any 7/16” butane canister, and fires up even in damp and/or windy conditions, thanks to its piezo ignition system. The handy control valve ensures a remarkably precise degree of control as well, so the stove can be used for quite a wide range of cooking needs.


Camo Swiss Army Knife


best swiss army knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife | Amazon $62.99


A Swiss Army Knife is essential equipment for any camping trip and this is as good as any. With a fetching camouflage exterior and the full complement of tools and accessories, this is one knife that will definitely see action on your trip.


Nite-N-Day Trail Markers


camping trail markers


Trail Markers | Amazon $6.95


The last thing you want to happen on your camping trip is to have someone get lost. These useful trail markers will prevent that from happening and at $7 for a 10-pack, they are priced affordably enough that you could easily spring for a couple of packs to tuck into your bag. The bright yellow-and-orange coloring makes them stand out during the day; at night, the reflective surface ensures that you never lose your way.


Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack


camping compression bags

Compression Dry Sacks – Amazon $29.95


One of the challenges associated with packing gear for the outdoors is ensuring that you have everything you need while keeping bulk manageable. Compression sacks are ideally suited for this purpose, and at $30, you simply won’t find a better one than this model from Sea to Summit. Its features a unique waterproof bottom fabric that allows air to pass through so that the contents can be compressed to a third of its bulk.


Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow


compressible pillow

Compressible Pillow | Amazon $11.97


Why deprive yourself of a good night’s sleep just because you can’t pack a pillow in your already-bursting pack? For $16, you could slip the Therm-a-Rest compressible pillow in your bag and enjoy total comfort without adding any more bulk to your cargo. With its innovative urethane foam chip filling, you get all the support you need in a useful pillow that compresses to less than a fourth of its size.


Cabela’s X-Socks


camping socks

X Socks – Cabela’s $24.99 


Keep your feet warm and toasty with these supremely useful socks that ensure total warmth while protecting your feet, ankles, shins, and calves from blistering, bruising, and cramps. The Xitanit material keeps you dry as well, and the X-Cross bandages help prevent injury.


LifeStraw water filter


life straw amazon


LifeStraw – Amazon $19.95


Making sure you have potable water is one of the most difficult challenges associated with going camping, but the LifeStraw water filter definitely makes it a lot easier. With a host of innovative features such as a 2-stage filtration process, stainless steel construction, and activated carbon capsule, this Swiss-made filter is a handy addition to any camping equipment list.


Custom Eddie Bauer Microtherm Stormdown Jacket


best storm jacket

Eddie Bauer Storm Jacket – Amazon $140


Eddie Bauer is best-known for its off-the-rack offerings that provide excellent value for money. With the Microtherm Stormdown Jacket, the company adds a welcome degree of customizability with pretty much every part of the jacket made available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Priced at $249, the jacket makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one.


Suunto Core Watch


camping watch

Suunto Core Dedicated Campers Watch | Amazon $190


You need a special kind of watch out in the wild, and the Suunto Core Watch fits the bill perfectly. Priced at $150, the Suunto features an altimeter, barometer, and compass, all of which are designed for superior accuracy and reliability. It also comes equipped with a handy thermometer, so you are pretty much covered for any situation.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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