11 Genius Beer Bottle Openers for Guys

best beer bottle openers list


Beer bottle openers come in all shapes and sizes; if you are a connoisseur of beer, then you will no doubt become a collector of beer bottle openers when you see the creative selections that are available today. A beer bottle opener is also a very cool and unique gift to give to somebody. The following list may help inspire you to buy that ideal beer bottle opener gift for a friend or yourself.


#1 – Bullet Bottle Opener


bullet beer bottle opener

This beer lover’s bottle opener is actually crafted from a bona fide cartridge from an authentic 50-caliber bullet. Pop off those beer caps with deadly precision with this popular gun-friendly opener. Give the opener to a hunter who loves beer or any gun collector or enthusiast. PRICE 10.99


#2 – Wall mounted Bottle Openers


open bottle here beer bottle opener

Another functional beer bottle opener is the “Open Bottle Here” sign. Place the opener at your wet bar or where you tend to frequent the most. If you happen to have lots of roomates and parties it’s a good idea to place these next to a trash can. The beer bottle opener is molded from steel so it will last you a while. Two mounting screws are included and you get one for only $7.76: Black Open Bottle Here STARR “X” Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

There are many wall mounted beer bottle openers, once you start looking you can find some really cool designs. Here are a few examples.

celtic beer bottle opener

PRICE 22.99: Cool Celtic Green Man Wall Mounted Bottle Opener



skull beer bottle opener

PRICE $22.99: Metal Chrome Skull Wall Mount Bottle Opener Exquisit Beer Opener


#3 – The USB Flash Drive Beer Bottle Opener


USB beer bottle opener


For any guy who likes computers, this USB flash drive opener will, no doubt, be appreciated. Programmed for gift-giving, the flash drive opener is an ideal stocking stuffer or graduation present for the guy who just obtained his BS in computer science. It holds 32 Gigs and guess what?


USB beer bottle opener for key chain


It’s water proof. You can own yours for $16.80, perfect for collage students; other data sizes available along with price differences. Check to see if they are still in stock HERE


#4 – A Hammer Bottle Opener


hammer beer bottle opener


For the guy who is a do-it-yourselfer or works as a carpenter by trade, then the hammer bottle opener will undoubtedly be a “hit.” Instead of a claw on one side of the tool, a bottle opener is featured instead. Use the hammer to crush ice or hammer nails too. The lowest price we found was the Barbuzzo Beer Hammer $5.90


#5 – A Guinness Bottle Opener Hat


Guinness Bottle Opener Hat

Wear your bottle opener on your Guinness “Beer Drinking” cap. If you are a serious and committed beer drinker, then this is the hat to select. For 23.95 you can have yours. Check to see stock Guinness Bottle Opener Cap Light Khaki


guinness beer bottle opener hat

PRICE: $23.95 + FREE SHIPPING: Guinness Green Mounted Bottle Opener Cap



#6 – The Beer Bottle Opener Belt


belt buckle beer bottle opener

PRICE $29.99: Got Beer Bottle Opener Belt Buckle


This belt should be added to any beer drinker’s wardrobe of accessories. Not only will the belt complement your ensemble, it can also be used to pop open a couple brews. However, be careful about opening too many beers as you might not be able to wear the belt at a future date.

We also found this

beer bottle opener beltPRICE $25.13:Arrogant Bastard Ale Belt Buckle Bottle Opener


#7 – Cast Iron Beer Bottle Opener


wrench beer bottle openerPRICE $6.99: Wrench Novelty Bottle Cap Opener – 9/16″ – Great Gift For Mechanic!


Cleverly designed to look like an actual wrench, the only purpose of this tool is to open bottles of beer. This wrench look-alike opener is designed for the plumber, handyman or carpenter in the family.


Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers Man Cave

Another bottle opening tool to add to the handyman’s tool box, this beer bottle opener will be used more often than the usual kind. PRICE $10.95 : Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers Man Cave (Wrench)


#8 – The Quick Draw Cast Iron Revolver Bottle Opener


cast iron gun bottle opener

A gun from the Old West, the Quick Draw bottle opener is a great addition to a Western-themed decor. Do you have bit of an itchy trigger finger? Then this is the bottle opener for you. Plus, you can get away without carrying a license for this popular beer opening weapon. They tend to be heavy so they are perfect to be stationary hanging next to the fridge or on the table. People tend to get used to them and they don’t get lost easily. PRICE $19.85 : HomArt Cast Iron Revolver Bottle Opener


#9 – The Skeleton Key Bottle Opener and Secret Wine Corkscrew


skelleton key beer bottle opener and cork screw


Any guy who likes both beer and wine will appreciate this skeleton key beer bottle opener with hidden corkscrew for opening wine. You can unlock almost any beverage with this unique piece of gadgetry. The corkscrew is secretly housed in the opener’s stem. Made of cast iron, the bottle opener and cork screw are approximately six inches in length. Really nice gift to give to somebody, fits on a key-chain. PRICE $25.00 plus shipping – HomArt Skeleton Key Bottle Opener and Cork Pull Antique Silver


#10 – The Police Badge Bottle Opener


Police Badge Beer Bottle Opener

Made of stainless steel, the police badge bottle opener is “enforced” by a stainless steel design. No need to plead the fifth when you are using this unique opener. It’s yours for $10.49: Open Up Police Badge Bottle Can Opener Steel Fun Parties Beer Cap Soda Bar Gift


#11 – Carry Case and Bottle Opener


 beer carry case and bottle opener


The beer case with beer bottle opener is designed with a beer drinker in mind. This could also be a good DIY project and you can use those wall mounted beer bottle openers on the side. If you are to lazy to make one you can get this case for $45 + Free Shipping. Check to see if they are still in stock  Handmade Beer Tote / Carry Case and Bottle Opener



Author: Eric Pangburn

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