Bass Guitar Strings Bracelets are the new thing

guitar string baracelets for men

Guitar String Arm Bracelets For Men

Metallica, The Beatles, Kiss and U2 are just a sampling of some of the most inspiring Rock Bands of all time; they had quite a following and still continue to inspire rock artists, and music, to this very day. Guitars are the prominent instruments in rock music and dominantly feature in most shows. Some bands, to the rapturous delight of their fans, end up smashing their guitars at the end of each performance, in a ritual that has always been associated with this genre of music.



These instruments, whether smashed or not, carry a lot of value for rock enthusiasts. It is no wonder that parts of these instruments are ardently sought-after by fans.

Bass guitar string bracelets are the new thing and everyone is wearing them as a statement of their affiliation to music that prominently featured the guitar.


bass guitar string bracelet

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If you do play a guitar, wearing a bracelet that is in sync with the instrument is refreshing. Picture yourself playing the guitar and the flash of the bracelet following your hand as it strums mesmerizing tunes from the guitar; a truly magical combination. Your audience will not only be enthralled by the music, but their eyes will be hypnotized by the way the bass guitar bracelet seems to float all over your hand as you play the music.


guitar string bracelet

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Bass guitar bracelets are made of actual guitar strings. The strings are heavy, making wonderful, noticeable bracelets. You can get them in silver or black colors; you get to select one that truly fits your style and character. If you play other instruments that require a lot of hand motions, like drums, you will definitely love wearing this bracelets on your wrist. The shiny bracelet allows for a great play of light, as you get down and whip up the crowd with your thrilling beats.

guitar string mens bracelet

There are certain collector bass guitar bracelets that are made from strings that belong to well-known bass guitarists.

Some of these actually come with a signed authenticity certificate from the musician and would not only make great items to wear, but also make great collector-treasures that may actually become a great investment in the future. If you are interested take a look at a site called


Whatever your motivation; be it the love of music, the fact that you want to wear the latest fashion accessories, or building your collection, these bracelets are the items to go for. They are fairly priced and will definitely add pizazz to your fashion statement.


Author: Eric Pangburn

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