3D Chessboard – Chess From A Whole New Angle


3d chessboard

3D Chessboard – Chess From A Whole New Angle

Do you fancy yourself a master at chess and are now looking for the next challenge? A 3D chessboard could be just what you need, and you will find that it elevates an already stellar game to a whole new level…literally. Taking the well-loved traditional chessboard to spectacular new heights of innovation and challenge, 3D chessboards offer a great way to add some variation to your favorite game.

What is a 3D chessboard?

As the name implies, 3D chessboards are 3D playing surfaces used for games of chess. Unlike the traditional flat chessboard typically divided into the now-familiar checkerboard pattern however, 3D chessboards feature different levels via multiple raised platforms. This multilayer design results in a chessboard that is pretty impressive to look at, and suggests something right out of the future.

The origins of the 3D chessboard


3d chess set


The futuristic look and design of the 3D chessboard may not entirely be coincidental. This particular design was actually seen on TV as far back as the early 1970s on the hugely popular sci-fi series Star Trek. On the show, the main characters Captain Kirk, Spock, or the Doctors were variously seen playing on what appears to be a multilevel chessboard with transparent surfaces held together by wire. A cinematic prop it may have been, but the 3D chessboard played by the crew of the Starship Enterprise was definitely a forerunner to today’s crop of commercially available 3D chessboards.


starfleet technical manual


A form of the 3D chessboard also appeared in print in 1975, in a book entitled the Starfleet Technical Manual. Written by Frank Joseph Schnaubelt, the book served as oneof the earliest literary mentions of the 3D chessboard. A fan of the book was so taken with the unique and innovative design that he contacted the book’s author and offered to create an actual physical model of a 3D chessboard. Following the multilayered design of the chessboard described in the book, the model was the precursor to the 3D chessboards available today. The book is available on Amazon for 7.48 currently, take a look: Star Trek: Star Fleet Technical Manual


starfleet chess board set

Although it shares many similarities with the game of chess played on standard boards, 3D chessboard does have some of its own specific rules governing gameplay. The use of multilevel playing surfaces adds some welcome challenge to the game while allowing unique new strategies and moves that were previously impossible with traditional chessboards. The result is a game that is somehow familiar and yet brings the experience to the 21st century and beyond.  3D Chessboard $288.70

Where to buy a 3D chessboard


multi layred chess board


The 3D chessboard is rapidly growing in popularity nowadays, with more and more people attracted to the unique and challenging playing opportunities that it offers. A 3D chessboard design was featured on the men’s interests site Dude Living, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Although there is no doubt that the traditional form of chess will remain with us for a long, long time, 3D chessboard does offer some unique twists and playing opportunities that no serious chess aficionado can resist. If the idea of playing chess on a 3D board appeals to you, you can check out Amazon for a selection of multi-layered boards starting at around $27. Take a look here: 3d Chess


star treck multi level chess


For hardcore chess fanatics and Trekkies, Amazon also offers the Original Star Trek collectors edition, which features gold and sterling silver-plated pieces for a price tag of about $600. Take a look here: Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set by the Franklin Mint

Author: Eric Pangburn

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