17 Killer Man Cave Ideas

Man Cave Ideas – 17 unique takes for the perfect Setup

For many men across the country, when college ends and the letters are hung up, they leave behind the culture of sport and boozing for a far-more domesticated lifestyle. However, the more fun among us aren’t willing to let go of this wild past so easily, building elaborate rooms in our homes for the explicit purpose of getting irresponsibly rowdy with our best friends. Pulling off the perfect man cave is certainly not an exact science, but with these 17 man cave ideas, you’ll at least be on the way to having that perfect man cave.



secret man cave entrance

The Entrance To The Man Cave Is Just As Important as the Man Cave Itself.

Let’s face it, you know exactly why you built a man cave in the first place: you wanted something to show off to your friends. A man cave is all about making a statement, and the first impression is the most important part of that. Think of it as the carpenter’s equivalent to a firm handshake.


real man cave with pool


Turn Your Man Cave into a Real Cave.

When football season rolls around, the bears and the bros go into hibernation. Big strong dudes don’t have time for a shag-carpeted, white wine-dispersing room to watch the game in. They need a real man’s setting. Made of stone. That doesn’t stain when you spill salsa on it.


room full of guns


Use The Room To Show Off Your Guns.

Teddy Roosevelt and Hemingway had trophy rooms filled with the heads of animals they killed and frankly, they were as manly as any man could ever hope to be. Get yourself a preppers man cave to display your guns and show everyone you aren’t to be messed with. Or use it to entertain your daughter’s new boyfriend. We won’t judge.


man cave bar


Put A Bar In There.

What’d you even build a man cave for, kumbaya marathons? Man caves are for the exclusive purpose of reliving the college days and revisiting dudeism at its most primal state. This means copious amounts of sports, yelling and liquor. Toga not included.


theme for man cave room


Have A Theme For The Man Cave.

Unless you were going for the ‘90s T.G.I. Fridays aesthetic, you might want to have a theme for the room. Your man cave says a lot about who you are. If you have a man cave, that tends to mean you’re at least somewhat fun to hang out with. Make sure you get that across when picking your theme.


man cave seating


Don’t Buy Crappy Chairs.

Though your first instinct might be to sink all your cash into the décor, you should remember that you and your friends will likely be spending a lot of time in the cave. If you’re sitting through a marathon of NFL playoff games or screening the redux version of Apocalypse Now, you’ll probably want to do that in something other than cheap folding chairs. Comfy Chairs are a man cave essential, which we talked about earlier. Take a look: Man Cave Essentials


perfect man cave seating


Step Your Game Up.

Sitting in your new room, you probably feel like the champ. Make that point clear by building your own podium to sit on. It’ll help you be a step above the competition. Enjoy the game with a higher appreciation. Elevate your viewing experience. You get the point.


poker table for man cave


Poker Tables Are Pretty Great.

For the nights when the TV’s off, a good old manly game night is a go-to activity. It’s also a great way to make some money. And come on, what else are you gonna play, Twister?


indor grill


Turn Up The Heat With An Indoor Grill.

Sure, you could just grill your meat outside. What better way to miss the second quarter? Though things could get a little smoky, there’s nothing better than sports, beer and the smell of meat grilling close by. Think of it as an investment in the sensory atmosphere of the room. You can get these guys on Amazon for only $26.99 with FREE SHIPPING


liquer fountain

Two Words: Liquor Fountain.

When the liquor gets flowing, the last thing you want to do is fumble around bottles and glasses. With a liquor fountain, you could get back to sloshy nirvana at the push of a button. You’ll never have to worry about sloppy overpours again. Not expensive as we thought it would be, on Amazon currently for $34.95. Take a look: Lighted Party Fountain


wall mounted beer bottle opener


Wall Mounted Bottle Openers Are Always A Hit.

Never worry about needing a bottle opener on hand. With a wall accessory like this, you and your visitors will never have to improvise opening a bottle again. At the very least, consider it a way to open a bottle that doesn’t involve a well-placed smack and your countertop. We couldn’t believe that this was only $13.99 Take a look: Wall Mount Bottle Opener

PS: We love beer bottle openers, we dedicated quite some to those little guys. Take a look: Genius Beer Bottle Openers

ultimate beer cooler


Walk-In Spaces.

Walk-in closets are cool and all, but your average man probably doesn’t even own enough clothing to fill a dresser. For real efficient use of your space, try putting in a walk-in beer cooler or humidor. Is it necessary? No. Is it awesome? Beyond it.


man cave furniture


Maximize Your Entertainment Potential.

A man cave isn’t just a place to hang out. It’s a gathering space, an entertainment venue, a place to always guarantee you’ll keep having friends. To keep them happy when they arrive, make sure they can actually watch the game. Big projectors and banks of televisions are a good way to start. Now, to get the cable hooked up…


man cave urinal


Add a Urinal.

Nobody wants to smell your friend Frankie after a few Bud Lights and a mighty serving of bean dip. Get your man cave an on-site urinal so nobody else has to deal with the fallout of your debauchery.


golf simulator


Get Physical.

Physical activities can actually be fun, believe it or not. Try adding a few bro-friendly amenities to your room, like a pool table or a golf simulator. A good man cave should always be akin to your favorite bar, so why not make it resemble one? Which reminds us… don’t put your weights in there. Rooms for drinking and rooms for sweating should not be shared spaces. This one doesn’t come cheap but we found the most affordable one to be $599. Take a look: OptiShot 2 Home Simulator


stripper pole for man cave


Got Fun Friends?

Put a stripper pole in there. It’s great for when you run with a wild crew or if your significant other just happens to need practice for their second job. Or maybe you discovered a pole dancing exercise DVD and want to practice in front of the big screen. Once again, we certainly don’t judge.


man cave for dog

Man Caves Are Meaningless Without Friends.

This goes all the way to man’s best friend. For added fun, give your dog their own hangout. They’ll certainly appreciate it, especially when things get rowdy on game day.

And that’s that. Remember, no matter how much cool stuff you have in your cave or how many beers you have, the most important part of having a perfect game day atmosphere are the people you spend it with.

With great man cave ideas come great responsibility, so make sure you fill the room with those who truly deserve to be there.



Author: Eric Pangburn

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