14 Laptop Bags That Keep Electronics Safe and Make a Stylish Statement

14 Best Laptop Bags for men


best laptop bags for men


Our laptop can be one of the most beneficial tools in life, rather it is used for business, socializing, or school. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that we protect it both at home and during our travels. This makes finding the right laptop bag serious business. Our carrying case needs to be sturdy enough to provide resistance against the elements, and the preferably avoided, but occasional bump. Since we sometimes need to bring along papers, cords, and a few USB attachments, having additional space for such things is also a preference for most of us. Realistically, we also want our laptop bag to look good, or be unique. This is one of the few accessories we, as men, will use. Thus, it needs to be both functional and stylish, or at least look cool.

With those specifications in mind, we have searched far and wide and found 15 laptop bags in a variety of styles and materials that protect, and serve us stylishly:


lether laptop bag for men


Vintage looks are classic and the Hipster Genuine Leather Laptop bag for $97.15, is a perfect way to transport our laptops in style. This 15X12X4” bag is genuine leather with adjustable straps, inner compartments, and an additional zippered storage space.  This one of a kind item is dyed a rich, dark mahogany brown.


laptop man purse


The Custom Woolen Laptop Bag for $145 offers a classic look worn through the ages. This case has literally been worn, as the unique design is actually made from recycled suits and woolen skirts. The inside protects our laptop using foam and fleece padding and is 15X10.5X3”.  It offers extra storage for books and papers, and has an adjustable strap made from recycled leather.lether briefcase for menFor a resilient vegetable tanned leather carrier, consider the incredibly stylish, Beauty and the Biker leather briefcases, priced at $765. This sturdily made case is double stitched where it matters most, and will actually hold water, though it isn’t actually made for that. This 16X12X6” case is available in Dublin Natural, Vegetable Tan and Classic Black. Plus, it gives us the option of choosing brass or silver hardware.  Overall, this is a custom case that makes a statement.


laptop bags for men


A 16” laptop never felt so secure, as it does when situated in the Rustic Distressed Leather Messenger Bag Briefcase Laptop Satchel for $279.99. The design itself was WWII pilot briefcase inspired, and is modeled almost exclusively off the case carried by F. Scott Fitzgerald himself. This 16X10.5X4.25” carrier has an outer pocket, leather dividers with inner pockets and a removable leather shoulder strap with a pad for comfort. This is hand sewn, making each and every one an original.


designer laptop carry case for men


Cow leather is sturdy, and the Men’s Handmade Leather Briefcase/Messenger Bag at $129 offers a unique, handmade appearance with quality protections for our electronics. It is 14X12X4.7”, has a zippered casing, front flaps with double brass buckles, adjustable shoulder strap, and is made exclusively from oiled cow leather. Each handmade briefcase will have its own look, as no dyes are used.


leather laptop bag for guys


The Italian vegetable tanned CROland leather briefcase for $440 is available in tobacco, tan and dark brown. This bag offers a classic look with 3 inner sections divided by panels made of nubuck leather, which feels much live velvet. It comfortably fits a 15” laptop, plus it has a spot for our phone (iPhone 6 size). The hardware was constructed from brass with no lacquer finish.


wooden laptop case backpack

laptop carry case for men


Those really looking for something different that own a Macbook, will find the Macbook Pro laptop case really fits the bill for $220. Instead of pouches, the easy to carry box has 2 drawers, one for our laptop, the other for cords, a mouse, phone, charger, or whatever we have in that size. There are different patterns available, but each one is hand chiseled for a unique look.  Leather straps allow for use as a backpack, briefcase or shoulder bag carrying style. This carrier is perfect for the man who wants to stand out and make an impression.


laptop bag for students


Protection for our electronics is important, and at $105, the Padded Leather Laptop Bag  is a stylish and a safe mode of transportation. Handmade from leather and fabric, it gives a classic appearance. It is available in different color combinations to match the carriers since of style and even has a small, hand painted bear on the inner pouch, a signature of the artist.


leather and canvas messanger laptop bag for men


The sophisticated look of the premium quality Leather and Canvas Laptop Briefcase and canvas for $105 is perfect for the free spirit who wants to make a more sleek statement. These soft leather briefcases are handmade, one at a time to perfect the quality of the craftsmanship. It offers lots of extra storage, with detail to necessity, like a phone, pens, cords, and the laptop itself. This is a high quality case for someone that wants to make a statement of high standards without the leather look.


designer bag for men


Just because something is recycled doesn’t mean it has to look like it is. The Waxed Canvas and Recycled Suit Laptop Bag for $143 is made from recycled suit coats, wool, and belts, with a waxed canvas bottom that provides water resistance for protection. A suit coat pocket is regally attached on the front of the bag to hold a phone, charger or small tablet. The materials have a somewhat marbled appearance, but this can be resolved by using a blow dryer to smooth it out.


black laptop bag for men


The sleek, sophisticated design of the Nadira Custom Laptop/messenger leather Bag for $367 provides the carrier with excellent organization. It has small pockets to hold our phone, charger, small tablet or even a journal. A laptop fits securely inside with room for additional papers or files. The design offers the flexibility of wearing it over the shoulder, carried, across our back or chest.  This is a limited edition handmade leather, Nadira bag, so it is worth the investment.


laptop bag


Those that prefer to keep their laptop bag free of leather and fur will appreciate the Canvas Handmade Laptop bag for $129. This handmade creation offers a detailed design with secure stitching and plenty of space. It is made exclusively from canvas and cotton and when purchased, comes with a smaller gift bag that attaches to carry cords and extra necessities.


mens laptop bag


Men that feel comradely with the military will not want to pass up the Canvas Military Laptop Bag for $54.99.  This spacious bag offers lots of additional space for papers, a phone, tablet, cords and more, as would be expected from a military design. It is one of the sturdiest canvas bags available and contains no fur, nor leather. The bag is 15.6X11.7X5.07, is resilient enough to last for years to come, and just has a classic, military look and feel.


simple leather bag for men

The name says it all with the Brother’s Leather Supply Company’s Classic, which is priced at $200. This beautifully designed laptop bag is handmade from 100% vegetable tanned leather. It has three large inner sections to hold extra electronics, paperwork or personal items. The exterior has a large zippered pocket and the case is secured by well crafted brass buckles. The Classic lets us travel in style, be it to class, work, or on a business trip.

When it comes to stylish, well made, unique laptop cases that really make a statement, these 15 are our top picks. These are perfect for men who want to protect their electronics, and look good while they do so. Each custom design offers additional space, plus a unique look that will most assuredly make some type of impression towards those around us.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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