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man cave furniture

Making a man cave with style

collapsable shelf stairs for man cave furniture

New space, old space, small space or large space, it doesn’t matter the size, what matters is the vision of the mancave. Move in and make the space your own with some of these space utilization ideas.

man cave shelvingOut of Sight Storage


Everything has a place, even if you cannot see it in a man cave/man space. For instance, the amazing Collapsible Storage Stairs. Keep your possessions all neat and orderly in the drawers as they stand tall against the wall. Need to reach something on top, just step right up and come back down with whatever you need. The clean, wood grain finish will fit perfectly in any room, providing out of sight storage and a cool look.

Flexible Seating Arrangements

Limited space, but still looking for a cool addition to the man space, flexible seating can help. Even those that do not have limited space may still find these designs to cool to resist.

The classic bench

flexible seating for man caveThe classic bench makes a find addition to a man cave/space. This oak finish offers cushions in tones of gray and forest greens. However, the coolest aspect of this bench is not the color scheme, but instead the fact it converts from a comfortably cool looking bench into a picnic style table and chairs. The cushions are actually simple square chairs and the nice oak paneling on the bench unfolds into a picnic style table. This is the perfect home furnishing asset for a sports gathering with snacks.

The Obelisk Furniture Pod

obelisk furniture Pod - Man Cave

The Obelisk Furniture Pod in a space station gray can give any manly room a modern or a cool science fiction feel. This unusual 4 chair and 1 table arrangement can be left out for a living room gathering or left in a pod, as a unique corner piece till needed. Either way, the unusual design can really give an otherwise barren space a groovy space age look.

The Nesting Egg Chair nestle egg chair, space saving

The Nesting Egg Chair is a cool addition for a manly space that lacks space. This unique design is black and chrome, but… the chrome slides out to add another chair. The space saving slide in design offers a sleek look and comfort. The Nesting Egg Chair may sound feminine, but for a bachelor pad or a college student needing all the space he can salvage, this design duet is a win win.

Time for Dinner

The Fletcher Capstan Table

When it comes to flexible tables, designs can be limited, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great choices. The Fletcher Capstan Table, for example, offers a beautiful oak finish on a rounded design. What makes this table unusual is that a few twists and turns make it one third its original size. Plus, the actual turning process is done in a unique star like pattern, so it can be fun to watch as well.

fletcher capstan Table - cool furniture

Dual use tables

Dual use tables are also a big win. One that just screams man space or student apartment is the extremely useful table that slides off to become a pool table. This allows you and your buddies to sit down, have some Chinese take out, and then break out the beer and pool sticks. It doesn’t get much better then food and pool.

dining room and pool table in one

There is also a unusual love seat that can quickly convert into a small table, seating around four. Perfect for the college man that wants style and duel functionality. A Retracting Dining Room Table is also a brilliant idea. It provides storage space, plus, only needs to be pulled out if guests arrive.

table that turns into a loveseat

Multi-Function Furniture

Wanting something to help wind down after a hard day of studies or work? Love Seat and Punching Bag may seem like a joke, but it is actually a functional and stylish room addition. Leave the bag down when not in a punching mood, and you have a comfortable place to rest your back. Pull it up, and beat the bag till you feel relieved or your time is up.

couch that becomes a punching bag, cool furniture for guys

Those that often have unexpected guests will love this comfortable couch that doubles up as a bunk bed. Sitting on the couch watching the game or a movie can lead to a few drinks and someone needing to sleep over. A couch can work for that, but when multiple friends show up, flip this creative couch around and behold, two twin size beds ready for and waiting.

couch that turns into a bunk bed

Another unusual bed for those that have a small man cave is the Bedroom and Living Room All in One. Sleep comfortably while in bed mode, but just flip it up to make use of a comfortable couch. There is even a build in shelf to allow for your favorite photo, trophy or sports team helmet.

living room and bedroom couch

The Door Way to Lasting Impressions

Those that want a man cave or space that instantly makes an impression will want to invest in an Evolution Door. This state of the art design looks like a sleek black door on first sight. However, a simple touch causes it to roll to the side, separating into two sections and moving back into one. Your friends are sure to remember this stylish entry to any room.

the evolution door - a folding door that is designed with kinetic energy folding into itslef to make another door. Very cool

Another great door design is the Ping Pong Door. This table top design leads a duel life in a man cave as a door, and a game. Simply pull down the door way, bend down the legs and you have a perfectly balanced Pink Pong table. This door way to gaming literally allows players to walk through and start playing within seconds.

ping pong table door

Unusual Combinations and accessories

There is even a Chair Stove combination, for those that want to cook their food and sit right down. Now this is functional, but the safety could be questionable. A college room may not be the best placing for this unique piece. However, those that like to cook in their room, might just find the inflatable grill to be perfect. Just blow it up and get ready for those burgers, hot dogs, vegetables and other great grilling items.

stove chair

Men that prefer a kitchen, but don’t want all that space taken up will love the Kitchen Cube. This shiny steel box sits quietly in the corner, giving the impression of a state of the art tool box. However, within just a few moments, this masculine steel box can be unfolded into a ready to use kitchen.

cube that hides the kitchen in the background

Sleek Entertainment

The piece le’ resistance for any man cave is the entertainment system, the bigger the better. Wide screen sets are becoming common place though. Instead, set your focal entertainment station up with this space age Transparent Television. You will be the talk of your comrades when you all sit down to watch the latest game on this crystal clear, futuristic television design.

transparent tv

Man Cave Masterpiece

Any combination of these items can turn a basic man cave into a man cave masterpiece. Furniture that offers functionality with style and purpose is the most convenient route to take, and the most beneficial. What more could a dude want?


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Author: Eric Pangburn

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