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Write For Us

Currently, on Dudeliving, we are welcoming contact from those that are compelled to share their knowledge of survival, both inside and out. The primary accepted topics should be in regards to guys gear, man cave, brew, tech, house, and man lifestyle.

Accepted Content Basics

The initial submission is basically a contributor’s trial period, in order to establish consistency and quality. Each individual article is expected to be a minimum of 850 words, and be accompanied by 3 clear, digital images, of which specifications will be provided. Each write up must be 100% original material composed by the writer. All 3 of the pictures should be taken by, or with the author, in relation to content. Video submissions will be considered with quality image, sound and appropriate material.

Contributor Qualities

We at Dudeliving are honest, educated and passionate about man gear and everything involved with it. Therefore, we expect our contributors to be honest, self reliant, prepared, confidant and passionate about their material.

We will not tolerate dishonesty, especially those utilizing man gear sites for personal financial interests. Those who submit articles linking back to products and services of unauthorized vendors are unwelcome on DudeLiving. Please refrain from contacting DudeLiving with this intent, as both our time and yours will be wasted in these efforts.

Our Bottom Line

We here at DudeLiving are proud of what we have accomplished with our site. This makes us very protective, as we maintain an honest, professional, ethical and skilled staff. In order to feel confident that will continue we limit the quantity of contributors welcomed in, at any given time.

Those that have a passion about men lifestlye, and are ready to share their knowledge are encouraged to contact us at EMAIL. Please make sure to put “Write for DudeLiving” clearly in the subject line. We’d appreciate the content contain a perspective writer’s requested subject matter, personal area of expertise, and relevant background in that realm.

We welcome your response,


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