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Imagine it, you’re walking down your favorite hiking trail when all of the sudden you notice a nice clear spot by the edge of the trail that you haven’t notice before. It’s the perfect resting point for your journey through the forest. If only you had something comfortable to lounge out on.

Well if you happened to have a Wind Pouch on you, you’d be exceptionally prepared.

The Wind Pouch is a brand new idea from a few engineers in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a portable, inflatable hammock that can be taken anywhere and used anytime without much hassle. The company behind the Wind Pouch boast that their hammock is the answer to “today’s yearning for more simplistic, spontaneous, good times.” Well, this reviewer has decided to put that claim to the test. Let’s start the Wind Pouch Review.

The Wind Pouch is unique. It’s an inflatable hammock that I’ve has never seen anything like before. A list of all the features and benefits the Wind Pouch:

Ultra-Durable-Lightweight-Portable-Comfy-Simple-Quick Inflating and Deflating



Now all of that sounds exceptionally good, but I couldn’t be sure until I took the Wind Pouch out for a little test of my own. The Wind Pouch goes for an around eighty dollars. They offer a lighter version of the Wind Pouch called the Wind Pouch Lite. For this review, I stuck with using the Go model as it seems like this is their flagship product. My test with the Wind Pouch took me to one of my favorite hiking spots. Tubbs Hill, a few miles from my hometown, is ab excellent place for a camping trip. I packed my bag, grabbed the Wind Pouch that had its own bag, and set out for one of my favorite camping spots.


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When I got there the weather was perfect so I parked my truck at the campsite and headed down to the lake to get my first test with the Wind Pouch. What a first test it was. The Wind Pouch worked like a charm. I got down to the shore of the lake and pulled the Wind Pouch out of its bag, in just a few minutes, I was looking at a fully inflated hammock for me to lay out on. And you know what? I did just that. Laying back on the Wind Pouch is extremely comfortable. There is a built-in pillow right where you need it to be and while it may feel strange to be resting on air alone for a minute it gets quite comfy extremely quickly. Now you should probably keep this between me and you, but I may have just had a nap out there. Yeah, you can’t judge me though, the thing is insanely relaxing.


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After my respite on the beach, I got up and prepared for the real test of the Wind Pouch. Folding it back up. You see, me and putting things back in their packages has never been an exact science. It usually always ends up with a tent or something of that nature stuffed awkwardly back into its carrying bag. The Wind Pouch was an entirely different story though. The Wind Pouch deflated quickly and then rolled back up easily. I’ll be honest, I was impressed.

Over the rest of the weekend I continued testing the Wind Pouch, I took it out for a few trips down the trails stopping whenever I found a clear spot to rest for awhile. Each time the Wind Pouch worked exactly like it had originally on the beach. I actually got better at setting it up and taking it down with the more practice I got. I’ll have to admit I got pretty attached to the Wind Pouch. Its one of the smartest ideas I have seen in a while and it is extremely practical once you take it out to the field.


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To wrap this all up I’m going to say that the Wind Pouch succeeds exceptionally well at everything that it sets out to accomplish. The promises that the website boasts for the Wind Pouch are fulfilled to near perfection. This product is one of the best things I have seen come out for awhile in this type of market.

My advice to you, my dear reader, is to go out and get you one. It doesn’t matter if you use it to go camping, hiking, or even at outdoor concerts. You could set one of these up in the backyard and it would be perfectly fine.In conclusion, the Wind Pouch definitely gets my seal of approval and it should get yours too.

Don’t be afraid to go check one for your next adventure. Visit to learn more.


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