A Hot List of Cool and Unique Wallet Styles for Any Lifestyle

Unique Wallet Styles for Any Lifestyle


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 Men’s Leather Wallet $39

Everybody loves a sharp dressed man, and that includes a man’s accessories, in the right company, like a finely made wallet. The tie may garner more attention on an obvious level, but when it comes to throwing something unique into a black tie event, the wallet can be a show stopper. Not that anyone would actually call across the office, “Hey Bob, show everyone that cool wallet”, as that would be considered uncouth. Still, among good friends, a unique wallet can be an interesting topic of conversation.

The plain leather three fold wallet still exists, but finds itself with a limited fan base. The modern age is all about minimizing for maximum use of space, and that includes wallets. The smart device has replaced the wallet as a showcase for photos, so identification, credit cards and cash are now a cool wallets primary purpose. Thus, the creation of the “Minimalist” wallet, which is a smaller, sleeker designed wallet that allows plenty of space without the chunky square bulge of the old threefold styles.


For some, being thin is the hip, new in, so here are a few of our favorite slims:

Slim Wallets worth considering

Slimmy – A Super Slim Wallet


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Slimmy Wallet is a remarkable 2.875 mm, yet it comfortably carries an abundance of cards, and enough cash to entertain oneself for a weekend. This wallet is made from a durable elastic material that stretches around credit cards for a secure fit. The unique design doesn’t stretch beyond its capacity, nor does it lose its elasticity. Last time we checked it was $42 dollars and still in stock. Take a look here: Slimmy Wallet


Alpine Swiss Money Clip

money clip wallet for men

The Alpine Swiss is more the just a money clip, it is a cash strap wallet, which features separate pockets for frequently used cards, and an ID. It has a high quality construction and is made from a nice leather. The Swiss designed wallet features a unique cash strap to handle those bills without unnecessary folding. The best part is that it’s only $9.99. Currently $30 dollars off. Take a look here: Alpine Swiss Money Clip



EZGO Modern Wallet


modern wallets for guys


We’d like to introduce the Ezgo modern wallet. This is one of the most stylish modern designs we have come across. It offers users three roomy compartments to use for ID, cards or cash. There is also a great little cut out we call the quikdraw slot, where a favored credit card can be stored for an easy swipe. It floats on water which also means that it can be washed. Reasonably priced at $22.50. Take a look here: EZGO Modern Wallet


Slim is just not for everyone


Slim is just not for everyone, so the mini cool wallet designs do not catch on in every circle. For those that like a wallet that makes a statement, there are some fantastic designers introducing unique wallet styles, in some amazing materials. Wallets are being made from a vast array of different materials as 2014 draws to a close, and some of these cool new wallets for men are impressive, design and material wise.

Cool new wallets that are worth considering:

Narwhal Recycled Tie Wallet


unique wallets for men


Ever wonder what happens to old ties? Well, at Narwhal, they have created the Narwhal Recycled Tie Wallet. This makes the tie, officially casual. This unique wallet style is created by turning ties into colorful, fun, funky wallets with card holders, passport covers and tie folds to hold the cash.


Nooka Poly Asset organizer


wallet organizer


One of the coolest new wallets for men is the Nooka AO. This is a unique, multi colored wallet that is made from pure silicone. The flexibility of the material allows this wallet to be extremely expandable, much like cargo pants in a cool wallet form. The many available colors allow men to be picky about their color, while maintaining comfort. $29.95 Take a look here: Nooka Asset Organizer


Wallet Hacks

keychain walletSome guys just do not like to carry a wallet. For them, there is the Anti-Wallet. This awesome wallet completely steps away from the traditional wallet design. This unconventional design will let the guys keep their pens, cards, ID, photos and more on a carabineer. The simplicity of this design makes it both unique and convenient.

The next step compared to the carabineer is not to carry a wallet at all. The simple solution, a smart device and a wallet card on the iPhone or device. It is ridiculous to carry around so much personal data in a physical form when we can utilize a pocket device which holds 3GB or 4GB in data. For convenience, just store the credit or club cards on the phone. This eliminates having to carry around any unnecessary clutter.


Genuine Leather Wallets

Some men are always going to appreciate the kind of wallet that an survive a rough day on the range, and… there are some very sturdy and cool wallets readily available:


real leather wallets for men


Men that like the rough and tough, sturdily made wallets will be thrilled with wallets by Pidengbau. This designer uses rich, high quality leather. These unique wallets are made in a variety of classy, yet masculine patterns, such as plaids, pinstripes, and traditional colors like black, gray and navy. Each Pidengbau design will feature the standard removable ID holders, several cash dividers and card slots. We couldn’t belive that we found these on Amazon for only $6.29, Take a look here: Pidengbao Leather Wallets


Fossil Sliding Wallet


fossil leather wallets


Fossil is another renowned designer of cool wallets with a thick, rugged leather casing, in the style of the wild west. These famed designers bring a taste of an old fashioned western to the modern world with a minimalistic design. The branding, dying, cutting and stitching is all done authentically by hand, for a look that will last a lifetime. $40 dollars worth spend as this one will last you a while: Fossil Sliding Wallet


We all have our own sense of style when it comes to our wallets, rather it be classy, traditional, unique, leather or recycled. Whatever it is, there is a cool wallet out there waiting to replace our old, leather tri-fold. From authentic hand crafted leather to the slim, modern, there is a designer wallet to fit and flow with any lifestyle or comfort level.

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