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THABTO Wallet Divider – A True Wallet Upgrade

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You’ve heard it commonly said that money makes the world go round. Unfortunately this is true about most countries today; they value finances and cash above most things. Because of this, we have to always stay on top of our budgets and funds when getting ready to make a purchase, keep food on the table, or pay bills. Many people struggle in this area because they don’t know how to properly organize their money or set things aside to be able to afford certain necessities in favor of stuff we don’t really need.


The Purpose

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Wallet Divider – £10.00 GBP | More Info


Thank to THABTO, however, that can all be a thing of the past. This UK-based design company has successfully developed a wallet divider that fits any standard size wallet, separating the one pouch you have into four distinct ones. It looks very akin to tabbed folders people use when carrying business documents and the like. The reasoning behind is so that you can separate cash from checks and receipts, or even divide your cash up to be able to relegate it to certain expenses while on the go.

Psychologically this is supposed to encourage us to spend less and only buy what we need.wallet divider


The Product



THABTO, despite having made something very simple in practice, put a lot of care into the wallet divider.

The product itself is hand-stitched and made to look fashionable. Long story short, you’re not going to be the butt of the jokes of your friends if you have it. As a matter of fact, the way it’s set up actually blends in with your wallet, so most people won’t even be able to notice it.

The build of the divider is also surprisingly sturdy. As previously stated, it was handmade, so it’s naturally going to be built better than something constructed in a factory. The ending result is a material that is ultra lightweight, compact, and yet sturdy.

Case and point: you’re not going to feel any difference while the wallet sits in your pocket, nor will you have to worry about it being destroyed. THABTO guarantees that you won’t have any issues with the divider.


The Verdict


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The THABTO wallet divider is a great product with a great niche purpose. With such a simple function, it’s hard to imagine that you could get so much bang for your buck. But with separating funds, keeping track of receipts, and being stylish along the way, it’s almost a no-brainer to incorporate this in your wallet.

THABTO’s wallet divider is available on their website at thabto.co.uk right now.



Author: Eric Pangburn

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