4 Steps to a Video Gamer’s Dream Room

game room design idea

Video Games are not just for kids, and neither are video game rooms. Men can really appreciate a great game room, and many of us… try to create our own dream gaming room. An evening full of games can be an awesome night out for the guys. Grab a case, our controllers, some munchies and our favored games and it is a full night of anything but boring.

If your home has a basement, spare room or even a huge walk in closet… it can be converted into a dream game room. If you have a usable attic, spare room or even an unused garage, it can be made into a personal game room. It doesn’t take much to really create a great game room, mainly just a little insight and man power.

Just think about what would make the perfect game room, and use your square footage wisely. You do not want the space to become crowded, but instead be comfortable, with the things you enjoy easily accessible. Consider what you have now, what you plan to get and how you want to make it work comfortably. If you plan on using table top games and video games, make sure that space is available.

Perfect Game Room Layout

For video gamers, one great way to utilize space wisely is to use the walls to hold games, and whatever else. Game tables tend to stand anywhere from 3 to 5 feet tall, so walls space can be used from that level up.

game room shelf


shelf for video games


video game shelf


Store the games with the name side out, and separated by gaming system. Make sure the wall space is adequate to compensate the amount of games planned for the gaming system. For instance, you may like Playstation best; in fact, you might need a section for Playstation I, II and III. This will not only look very impressive to any gaming buddy, but it will also make any game search quick and easy. If you play Nintendo, but not as much as Playstation, then make that section in the game room smaller.

Lights, Television and Video Game Action

Television location, location, location and good lighting can be an important key to the perfect game room. Placement of the television is important. If the television is in the wrong position, it can throw off the whole game. A good position is one everyone can see well in. This tends to mean a flat screen and a flat screen, which is not good for classic game systems. An Upscaler is necessary for compatible graphics and a truly enjoyable gaming expereince. They are however spendy these days so expect to pay around $500 for a good upscaler.


game room video game systems

Get the game systems in place, and it is all good.

The lighting makes SURE we can see well. Thus, we must have good lighting that doesn’t’ give you a headache. Good visibility is necessary for an ambient setting for the rest of the room.

Video Game Chairs

A man cannot be kind of his castle without comfort. We need the right furniture that intensifies the gaming experience, like video gamer chairs. These state of the art game room chairs are wired for sound, adding to the surround feel.

video game chair

 X-Rocker Sound Chair 32.99 32.9932.32

We like using mobile seating, like an ottoman, or gaming chairs that can be moved around the room make a great addition, as well.

Video Game Room Decor

Another great thing to put on the wall is the controllers. That makes them easy to find, and keeps the cords out of the way. Unplugging and returning them to their place is a good habit to get into.


video game controller display

Game room accessories vary according to personal game room. Some like to use sports memorabilia around in places not filled with games or gear. Others might enjoy video game posters instead. Movies, superheroes, or whatever goes with your gaming agenda. We wrote about our Top 10 poster themes, take a look here

The Fridge is also considered an accessory… but it is somewhat the necessity in most cases. A mini fridge will make a great addition, and keep us from having to leave the game room for a drink. Some games do not have a pause feature, and dying in game due to real life thirst is not really acceptable.

Adding a scoreboard is also a great idea, you can use a fancy digital, or go simple, like a chalk board. This is great to keep tabs on how many times you beat  your buddy. Add the scoreboard to a mutually visible spot, and you have set the stage for the perfect game room.

The Finished Video Game Room


video game room


If possible, make the game room of your dreams, you surely won’t regret it. It gives us the perfect place to relax alone, with friends, or with the kids, and just play games. It can also double as a movie room when preferred. When we take the time to design our own special game room, it should be the perfect place to get our game on.



Author: Eric Pangburn

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