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Cool Home Audio Speakers of 2016


In the way-back, music—and the equipment used to hear it—was more or less a uniform thing. There were a handful of genres, maybe a turntable more feature-laden than another and of course; the speakers. The rules for all of this gear were fairly consistent. They were to be treated reverently, they were to emphasize the sound quality and they were to stand in line with the state of the hi-fi industry.

But this is no longer a world content with standing in line. People want to stand out, many defining themselves through their choices in music growing more and more individualized by the day. To present these sounds in a way matching your own identity, you need to make a statement beyond the auditory. You have to make your statement a visual one, a brash one. Frankly, you need a cool set of speakers. Here’s a whole bunch of them.


Munny Speakers | DIY Speakers


cool diy speakers


A pretty cool idea if you have the time, these speakers take the Kidrobot Mini Munny Diy Figure
($50) and turn them into a sweet set of speakers. By cutting out the face and fitting the doll with some 3” drivers, you can easily make your own set for cheap.


Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers | $1095-$1270


best diy speakers

Built by industrial designer Joey Roth, this speaker set includes two speakers, subwoofer, and amplifier in a clean-cut package that is all class. Made of porcelain, cork, aluminum, cast iron and Baltic birch plywood, the synergy of many durable materials make this system pretty enough to take home to mom.


Philips Portable Speakers | Concept Model


speakers for smart phone


Though not available for purchase yet (though something similar is available for a little over $40), these speakers look travel ready with a sleek organic design and their optimization for transport, able to snap together to protect the driver and cones.


Philips Fidelio Sounding Speakers | $113


philips speakers

Designed to distribute sound in all directions, The Surrounding has the bark to fill up any room, making it so even if you’re partying alone, you will still feel surrounded by noise. It also plays wirelessly, so you don’t even have to get out of your chair to keep the music going.


BoomBotix Boombot2 Boombox | $40


cool speakers 2015

Looking something like a standing squid, the Boombot2 is a small, sharp-looking’ number that can keep your end table looking sharp on the road. Think of it as a way to spruce up a nightstand in whatever seedy hotel you happen to find yourself in on business.


Sonoro Cubo radio


alarm that simulates sunlight


German designed MP3/CD clock radio produced by Sonoro with some rather unique features. The Cubo has a built-in full-range speaker that ensures you get quality sound. With the iPod ports and Bluetooth connectivity, you can access music from multiple sources including iPods laptops and phones.

Getting up in the morning doesn’t have to be a mean feat anymore, thanks to the Cubo sunrise simulation feature. What the simulation actually does is to gradually switch on the lights in your bedroom. This will ensure you achieve the lightest mode of sleep before your alarm goes off. The sunrise simulation enables you to get the benefits of a sunshine awakening.



Not all of us have the means to build massive HiFi systems looking like they belong in Bruce Wayne’s entertainment room. We might not have any need for a set of speakers that could survive an avalanche or clip to our bike. Sometimes, we just want something pretty to look at while we jam out.


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Author: Eric Pangburn

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