Unique Manly Gift Ideas to Ward off the Chill of Winter Season

unique gift ideas for men


18 Unique Gift Ideas any Guy Will Love This Winter Season


Tis the season to be chilly, fa lalalala, lalala lah!

Seriously, there is no secret that winter is the coldest time of the year, however, it does allow us to enjoy some great winter sport activities, for those that want to get active building snowmen, skiing, snowboarding or other winter outside fun. We can also just enjoy the warmth of a fireplace or a good heater by staying in and checking out our favorite television shows or a cool new movie.


Whatever our favored interests during the colder months, here are 32 unique gift ideas that will make an interesting impact this winter season:


Products That Will Keep You Warm Outdoors

heated socks


Heated SocksAlphaHeat $39.99


Warm feet and warm hands can really make a difference during winter weather. These heated socks have the capability of keeping us toasty warm, as they reach 133 degrees F. These durable stockings  will have us all bidding adieu to cold feet, frost bitten toes or frigid calves, while out hiking, camping, snow boarding, hunting, skiing, hunting and more. These are a must have addition to the sock drawer for an outdoorsy-type. They can be found for around $199.



full body sleeping bag


Full Body Sleeping Bag – Selk’bag Original 5G $168


The Selk’bag Sleeping Bag is promised to be the most comfortable sleeping bag you will ever experience. The design provides separated legs and arms, allowing for full range motion. This insulated bag is warm, comfortable and at $168, perfect for those cold camping nights.


keychain lighter

Firestash Keyring – True Utility FireStash $11.99


The Firestash Keyring ensures we always have a light when we need one. Priced at $14.71, this nifty little tool clips on and keeps things lit up.


warm hat


Pilot Trooper Aviator CapUshanka Trapper Hat $24.54


Pilot Trooper Aviator Cap have became all the rage and the cap is stylish, warm, lightweight and suited for cold weather. Any true man will enjoy the fit, and the fact it keeps your head warm.


Best Winter Gifts For Your Hands


hand warmer


Zippo Hand Warmer – Amazon $13.92


Keep those hands warm with the new Zippo Hand Warmer is easy. This heating tool that looks like a Zippo lighter, has the ability to provide heat for 12 hours straight. This personal heater is the perfect edition to a supply bag anytime the outdoors will be in play. This hand warmer is perfect for freezing temperatures, chilly evenings under the stars, or anytime you just need a boost in body heat. The Zippo Hand Warmer can be purchased for $13.92.


recharcable electric gloves


Columbia Electric Heated Gloves – Amazon $89


The Columbia Electric Heated Gloves are ideal for anyone that has a love of the outdoors. They are made from 100% goatskin leather and have an inner heating system known as the Omni-Heat electric. We can keep our hands warm up to around four hours after every charge.


etip gloves


North Face E-Tip Gloves – Amazon $23


Technology lovers will adore the North Face E-Tip Gloves. They allow us to operate our phone with ease, or other touch screens, while wearing them. Made for extreme weather conditions, at $44.99, these gloves are a real steal. Prices vary where available, but these heated gloves are a great gift for anyone who works outdoors in cool temperatures.


Keep your feet warm with these products


quality slippers


Sorel Slippers – Amazon $44


Every lady will love these beautiful, cozy Sorel Slippers, priced at $69.95. The plush lining makes them so comfortable they are perfect relaxing around the house. These slippers come in a variety of colors, and with a leather sole, ladies can even step out on the porch and relax, without fear of soggy toes.


bear claw slippers


Bear Claw Slippers – Amazon $22.98


These Dangerously Cozy Slippers are made of polyester, and come up on the ankle for maximum cozy comfort.  These are reasonably priced at $23. The Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers have non-skid soles, layers of soft, warm insulation and a soft outer covering. These are perfect to keep the feet toasty warm during those cold days and nights.


boots techlite

Columbia Winter BootsTechLite $120


These unique Columbia boots keep your feet warm, and dry, no matter what the weather conditions. Their original design makes them perfect for outdoor activities, even in dangerous conditions. Most men appreciate a nice pair of shoes, and these boots are a perfect gift for an active men.  They offer comfort, use fullness, and style, with prices varying per location.



foot spa


Helen Of Troy Hotspa – Amazon $83


The Helen of Troy Hotsp, at $83.40 is the perfect way for anyone to wind down. Equipped with an aromatherapy dispenser and roller balls, this mini spa is will make a great gift for everyone that just needs some hot cozy down time.


Fun Winter-time Stuff


winter beard mask


Beardski – Amazon $35


The Beardski is made from thermal fleece, which makes this fully functional ski mask very soft and comfortable. It runs an average of $24.99, and is worn with or without goggles. This water resistant mask adjusts, making it one size fits all.


Winter Time Items for your Man Cave


electric blanket


Biddeford Heated Plush Throw Blanked – Amazon $64


Cuddle up with the Biddeford Heated Plush Throw. This is the perfect addition for anyone who likes to keep warm, but keep the thermostat set low. This blanket has six settings of warm, along with additional safety features to prevent things from getting too warm.  For just $99.99, we can lie on the couch and watch the television without things getting to hot to handle.


best floor heater 2015


Delonghi Tower Heater – Amazon $100


The Delonghi Tower Heater is a ceramic heater providing 1500 watts of heat. The petite design makes it perfect for heating small spaces. It offers both a heating and a cooling option, making it useful year round. For just $67.99, it’s perfect to help warm back up.


hot chocholate recepie book


Hot Chocolate Book – Amazon $11


For $11, we can appreciate a good cup of hot cocoa, and a good book with the Hot Chocolate Book. It is packed full of delectable recipes on 96 pages of nothing but chocolate love. The book contains a great mix of traditional recipes, and some with unique new twists.


mug warmer


Mug Warmer – Amazon $15


Coffee and cocoa drinkers will love this mug warmer, which can be found for around $14.99. This handy, dandy drink warmer will keep a beverage toasty warm, no matter how long it sits there. At the office, or at home, the mug warmer is a great addition for those that enjoy a hot beverage.


espresso machine for home use

Delonghi 15-Bar Espresso Maker – Amazon $200


The Delonghi 15-Bar Espresso Maker, priced at around $199, is ideal for espresso lovers. This special brewer will provide fresh, delicious espresso, right off the kitchen counter. The espresso makers design is perfectly calibrated to ensure a perfect cup of espresso with every brew. If everyone got one, coffee cafes would surely go out of business.


headed matress cover


Heated Mattress Pad – Amazon $107


An electric blanket is great to have, but the Heated Mattress Pad, available for $110.99, is a must have for someone who is cold natured, or likes to spend time outdoors. The design uses low-voltage heat, but is guaranteed to keep users toasty all night long. It is machine washable and shuts off automatically after 10 hours to prevent any fire hazards.

These 25 great gift ideas are guaranteed to encourage smiling faces. Each one will benefit us during these cold winter months, and keep us, or our loved ones cozy warm.


Author: Eric Pangburn

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