Fogo: the Ultimte Adventure Gadgets for Oudoorsmen

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Cool Gadget : The Future of Adventure is Here and it’s Called Fogo


Those who are the outdoorsy type, know the importance of having good gear and tools at their disposal when out adventuring. Whether it be hiking, camping or mountain climbing, the tools an adventurer has can determine their fate. For instance, no good outdoorsman would wonder off into the woods without pocketing their Swiss army knife. In the near future, Fogo, the smart flashlight, will be considered one of these imperative tool and must have gear for men.

What is Fogo really?


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Merely calling Fogo a flashlight is almost an insult to its name. Fogo is a utilitarian species of its own. The device is a combination of flashlight, walkie-talkie and GPS; at least that’s what the fathers of this brain child are saying. However, even that seems like an understatement. The walkie-talkie aspect of Fogo only transmits as necessary, instead of leaving a radio channel constantly open. This helps conserve its precious battery life. The walkie-talkie also allows text messages to be exchanged between users via the LCD screen on the side of the device.

The flashlight has a built in accelerometer which helps control the amount of light being output—again saving battery life. The 1000 Lumen bulb will get brighter in darker areas and dimmer in better lit locations.

Additionally, the accelerometer can tell if its operator has had a fall and alert other nearby Fogo users.

In turn, the other Fogo users’ flashlights will direct them to their fallen Fogo comrade. The other users’ flashlight beams will stay constant when the user is going in the right direction of the victim and blink when the user strays off course.

Additional awesome features of this state-of-the-art device includes: a USB back-up battery, a Bluetooth LE, smart cap capabilities and app options. The USB back-up power can be used to charge a phone or other USB charging devices. Also, the Bluetooth can send data to that same smart phone.  Currently, the only apps built-in to the device are a Morse code translator and Tetris; however, after Fogo’s release later this year, the market will be open for additional apps.


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Smart Caps

This aspect will be the ultimate game changer. Smart caps allow other devices and features to be attached to Fogo. As technology develops, new accessories will be made to add to the usefulness of Fogo. There are already certain smart cap add-ons that are at the top of the to-do list. An avalanche beacon, a rangefinder, a satellite phone and a dive computer are all ready to be made.

Possible other smart caps may include a stun gun and a solar panel for recharging the device. The sky may actually be the limit.

The potential capability of this device could mean a huge change for outdoorsy folk. It will definitely cut down on extra space for supplies, leaving more room in laptop bags or backpacks for food or first aid. It may also save lives with its GPS and accelerometer. The Fogo is basically a digital Swiss army knife. With it starting at only $200, adventurers’ lives may never be the same again! Take a look at what they are up to over at


Author: Eric Pangburn

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